What is our working SOP?

Our Standard Operation Process
We are fully ERP computerized.

All the process is conducted within the management system.

Step #1

Customer inquiry – this can happen via email, via our interactive catalogue in our
showroom. The customer can also send us photos, samples, or technical drawings of the product they want to manufacture.

Step #2

Price offer (now inside the ERP)
1. In-Sourcing items: we look in our database of factories for the requested items, selecting the ones with the best price and quality. We then give the customer a price quote based on their specifications.
2. If the customer intends to send an item to manufacture, usually they send us a technical drawing or a sample of what they want to produce. Our engineers find which of our 1500 factories is the right fit to make the mold and produce the item.

Step #3

The order process (inside the ERP)
After the client confirms the contract we then make the order to the factory. Each work order confirms the price and includes a full detailed contract with the factory with the item’s specifications, packing, time of delivery, and the rest of the details.
While the order is in production, we design the artwork, instruction manuals, and packaging if required.

Step #4

Quality control (AQL)
We conduct quality controls during and after production. Based on the contract and standards required for the product, we check the items for quality and compliance. Items that are produced for the European market, are also checked by external laboratories for specific material requirements tests.

Final steps
Shipments Warehouse
If everything is all right, confirmed by our QC and QA team, we confirm the factory can send the goods to the warehouse for a final check and arrange for shipment. Since customers can place different orders from different factories, we stock them in our warehouse, consolidating the container for the shipment. We check a final time before loading to prevent possible last-minute or overlooked faults.

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