Assemblies are used primarily in the automotive industry, where parts are collected from different locations and assembled to form a finished product.


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The assembly process involves several activities.

The first step is to collect components or partially compiled units installed in the final product.

Next, the assembly translates these components into a form suitable for one of these two processes – continuous assembly or batch assembly.

At the end of the assembling process and to Prevent defective shipments, it is necessary to check consumer products assembled on the assembly line before packing.

This production method has the following advantages:

※ Reduced cost

※ Protect customers’ IP

 Save labor cost

※ Faster production time

In the process, Products go through various groups/sorts that increase the level of extraction in assembly.

The production line splits parts into portions made of several assembled pieces.

A typical product has various assembly operations depending on the size and shape.

Parts used in one product can have completely different patterns or several attachments that require assembly than another piece used by another product making it nearly impossible for one person to work on all jobs.

Tiroflx is a company that assembles and delivers products to its customers on-demand, using augmented reality and different factories provided parts.

The most significant advantage of assembling this product line is that customers can purchase the products at lower prices with a lower risk.

Overview: The TIROFLX assembly line for service enables our customers to buy their favorite items and commodities easily and quickly at much lower prices with safety.

The Tiroflx assemble line provides highly accurate custom perimeters so that customers can build their stuff quickly with precise measurements.

TIROFLX production process at the assembly line

The company operates with an assembly-line function but with an evolutionary thought on how they organize the assembly. On a regular assembly line, machines have fixed positions. But in a TIROFIX linedevices are designed to act as autonomous agents and can relocate without causing chaos. The assembled parts can move around according to a worker’s needs. In other words, TIROFIX is redefining time-tested manufacturing processes while opening innumerable possibilities for greater customization and efficiency.

There are three protocols of operation:

Assembling and Label Assembly—preparing products for sale through assembling the items.

Inspection—checking finished product for compliance with specifications.

Packing—combining orders and packing a shipment for final delivery

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