Custom manufacturing

Custom manufacturing

We supervise and control the manufacturing processes by designing and implementing the production plan that meets our customer’s requirements.

Custom manufacturing

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What is custom manufacturing?

Custom manufacturing is the process of designing, developing, and producing products.

It starts with coming up with an idea, design, schedule, and quantity.

A customer typically requests custom manufacturing.

Tiroflx provides custom manufacturing processes to our customers and always keeps developing and improving quality products for different categories.

Tiroflx manufactures products according to customer specifications.

Custom manufacturing involves designing, engineering, and manufacturing unique products to meet the needs of individual customers.

As part of the production process, the Tiroflx engineers, the manufacturing team, and the customer should work together to meet the customer’s specifications and requirements.

Our custom products require a higher degree of quality assurance, and it is vital to inspect measure, and test during and after production.

Unprofessional custom manufacturing will generally make the production time longer, and the degree of human involvement with each item produced is higher. The net result is usually higher costs reflected in a higher price for the custom-manufactured project.

Here are some types of custom manufacturing solutions

1. CAD Integration

Everything connected to the plan automatically springs into action when integrating the design through a CAD system.

2.3D Printing

It’s becoming increasingly possible to print parts in various materials, from plastic to metal, with ever-more-capable 3D printers. You simply input the design, and the product comes out.

3. Advanced Robotics

Advanced robotics is another high technology that transforms the custom manufacturing process.

With our advanced machine technology and 3D, custom manufacturing has become a viable option for you. You can enter various markets and find manufacturers that produce more complex products, and then we offer customized services.

Read on to find out how custom manufacturing can help you grow your business. 

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What is custom manufacturing, and how has it revolutionized industrial economics?

Custom manufacturing is within manufacturing that specifies one-off prototyping, production & building to a client’s specifications.

Because the products are according to the customer’s specifications, custom manufacturing provides flexibility in design and configuration. Offering customization options provides a competitive edge over competitors.

The main benefit of custom manufacturing is huge demand thresholds and better cost performance with the lower quantity per order. As firms compete on quality and differentiation or assortment, utilizing the unique skillset of everyone within a company helps differentiate products and keep customers loyal.

China’s custom manufacturing industry is one of the most exciting segments of the developing world.

One of the things we do at tiroflx to our customers is always kept looking for China new manufacturers with factories located close to the production area so that they can offer their products at a 30% discount and increase the chances of our customer success to compete in the market.

The custom manufacturing process starts with the creative or development phase, where the idea takes shape. Drawings or 3D CAD designs and created before the custom-made manufacturing items manufacturer.

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