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We provide a 360-degree service to Amazon merchants, sellers, and online shops. Amazon is a dream destination for most buyers and merchants in today’s digital world.

The e-commerce giant offers access to a platform of services that allow businesses to sell their products and market them, find new markets to sell their product, and fulfill customer needs efficiently.


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Are you looking for products to sell on your Amazon shop? Do you not know where to start with China’s product sourcing?

Amazon sellers are always looking for the newest and best solution for their business.

They need fast and reliable personal service.

They need suitable suppliers and high-quality items at the best prices.

At Tiroflx, we help Amazon sellers manufacture and export from China, ship products to international markets, help save time and manufacturing costs, and reduce the risks associated with manufacturing and importing from China.

In addition to our solution for Amazon and online sellers, we assist in covering packaging solutions at all stages, storage solutions, quality control laboratory tests, and shipping solutions.

Our # Amazon 360 sourcing & manufacturing service includes:

  • Selection of production sources for products.
  • We help Amazon sellers produce and import.
  • We work with thousands of factories in China.
  • We have one of the best and most sophisticated quality control systems available.
  • We know how to adjust the siege to the client’s sermons.
  • We provide all the required specifications, including packaging design and required standards, and accompany the entire process from product selection to receiving the goods in the customer’s warehouse.

Stages of work

  1. Product search based on customer requirements and target price set >> Submit a request.
  2. Search for the appropriate factory and check the prices.
  3. Receiving samples from the factories and approving with the customer.
  4. Designing the packing of the products that fit the Amazon product instructions.
  5. Supervising and controlling the production.
  6. Arrange the roulette control and ship the product to the customer’s final destination.

Quality control products

We test products from Chinese suppliers before shipping them to you.

Professional photography service

We have a professional photography team that takes pictures of each client’s product.

Design and manufacture of packaging/packaging

We offer complete packaging solutions to customize your product labels, allowing you to build your brand.

Shipping combination

We combine shipping for multiple listings shipped to your Amazon warehouse to help you save costs from China; We also provide the best shipping rate (FedEx, DHL, UPS, ETC.)

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