Increasing Productivity by Sourcing Wisely from China

When it comes to product sourcing from China, sourcing wise is essential.

There are many ways to manufacture and source items from China.

One of them uses sourcing agents or China sourcing companies to purchase, develop and produce products from China.

China’s growing manufacturing industry development directly and significantly impacts how companies source from China.

What are China sourcing agents?

China sourcing agents, or the other name procurement agent, are companies who help worldwide businesses find raw materials and products to be imported and distributed in their country.

Chinese agent is where buyers come to purchase items from China’s various product categories without dealing directly with factories.

What do China sourcing agents do?

The sourcing agent supervises the production, manages the shipment, and does the quality control.

Agents in China for sourcing understand the process of finding these products, the factories’ conditions and labor standards in China, and necessary import-export procedures outside of China to keep their customers informed.


The agent’s task is to scout out potential suppliers that match their client’s requirements, including price/quality/strategy.

They are also responsible for examining whether or not these suppliers offer an advantage over their competitors by tackling cultural differences, quality management systems, timeliness, and supply chain efficiency.

China sourcing agents are specialists who handle the process of sourcing and procurement. They research domestic and international markets and find suitable suppliers with competitive prices.

Sourcing agents are usually also fluent in Mandarin, and everyone on their team speaks Chinese and English without any language problems.

A sourcing agent’s main task is to research manufacturing capabilities, and the market demands so that the buyers or the business owners can make wise decisions. Thus, they need to invest in outsourcing professionals who have a deep understanding of the needs of various industries.

Negotiating on an agent’s behalf might also require on-site visits, relationship building, and local profiles.

Lastly, since a sourcing agent collaborates with manufacturers, often there are terms given to establish their trustworthiness.

In an increasingly competitive market landscape, sourcing from China can be a competitive advantage, especially if you find unique products.

What are the sourcing agents’ benefits in 2022?

Since the Covid 19 outbreak traveling to China has been very complicated. Visiting the factories has become very hard. The China sourcing procurement agent organizes and plans the discussion with the factories to negotiate the prices and quotes.

There are many different categories of sourcing agents in China that you should investigate. Read here to see more sourcing categories.

So your headquarters purchasing operation can still feel connected with the production and the manufacturing process without any problem in communication skills whatsoever.

China sourcing agents make analysts of the different manufacturers and help the buyers choose new factories, find suitable factories and products, negotiate better contracts on behalf of the buyers and arrange delivery of the products.

With the help of China sourcing agents, businesses can easily access today’s Chinese manufacturing quickly and smoothly.

How can Tiroflx help you?

Our detailed understanding of the market has allowed us to earn many repeat customers during our more than 20 years in this business. It only takes one contact – and one knowledgeable sourcing agent – to get your products shipped at low costs to the best markets and available for sale online.

We are one of the best sourcing agents for imports from China, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need one.

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