Rechargeable hand fan

Travel electric fan

With a lightweight fan, you can carry it in your backpack or pocket, and it won’t take up much space in your car or office.

Travel electric fan

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If you are looking for an excellent rechargeable fan, buying one from a reliable product is essential.

Rechargeable mini fan


Material: ABS+PP+PCBA

Size: diameter 93×187 MM

Color: light pink, blue, and white

Battery: 18650 lithium

battery, 3.7V, capacity 1200mAh

Input: DC5V/1A

Rated power: 3.5W

Battery usable time: Low- 5 hours; Medium – 3 hours; High – 2 hours

Charging time: 2.5-3.5 hours

With three-speed settings: providing strong airflow, one-button adjustment

Press once. Low-grade wind, soft and comfortable

Press the button twice. Mid-range wind, relaxed and not hot

Press the button three times. High-grade wind, strong, calm wind

Multifunction use: You can use the fan as a desktop or handheld, and you can put the fan upright with a stand base, which is also great for the office.

With a micro charging cable, the cable length is 100cm

Both the bottom of the portable fans and the bottom of the base have non-slip pads


Which is the best portable fan?

An easy-to-move fan is a portable fan. Handheld fans and surface fans are available. Some fans work in both directions.

Generally, if you can comfortably hold the fan with one hand, it’s portable. They’re different from box fans, ceiling fans, or pole fans. While practically all portable fans run on batteries, some have optional plug-in capabilities.


What are the benefits of handheld fans?


Handheld fans allow you to cool down in tight or small areas. They are available in various modest sizes to accommodate any space requirement, and because they are lightweight, they make for a great travel accessory!


Portable handheld fans have the advantage of being mobile, which is a significant benefit. You can either hold them in one hand or quickly move them around. They’re ideal if you want to keep calm but don’t need to cool down the entire area. You can take it to each corner of your office or house. You may also take them camping, tailgating, hiking, or to your patio on a hot day. They’re helpful in a variety of situations, including:

During travel: They’ll keep you cool when riding a bus, airplane, or car.

During outdoor events: They’re commonly at sporting events, festivals, concerts, and beaches.

They’re an energy-efficient way to stay cool at home or the office.

Comfort: Many folks with health issues that affect body temperature, such as menopause, find a personal fan comforting and refreshing.

Mountable easy

Many portable mini fans have a stand base, built-in clamp, or flexible poles to put them where other fans won’t fit, such as on cribs, strollers, car visors, and small shelves.

Energy efficient

Air conditioners and large, permanently installed fans, like ceiling fans, require more energy than handheld fans.

Portable fans are also energy efficient. A home A/C system makes up about 12% of the family’s yearly energy bills. Why pay to cool your entire house if you’re only using one room? Most portable fans use rechargeable batteries, which only take a minuscule amount of energy to charge.


How to buy a quality handheld fan?

Relaxation is critical whether camping, chilling on a beach, or hanging out in the city. It becomes increasingly difficult when temperatures rise above a specific threshold. That’s when a handheld fan can prove very handy.

Handheld fans come in various designs, styles, colors, working capacity, and other additional features–making it quite challenging to pick an ideal one.

Before you go shopping, you should consider the following. What to consider when buying a handheld fan?

Misting, oscillation, several speed settings, and handy safety settings like overcharge are available on most handheld fans. When selecting a handheld fan, here are some characteristics.


The fan’s design, type, and pattern will all play a role in determining its performance. Handheld fans that double as desk fans, pop-up fans, foldable fans, and bladeless fans are some of the most popular. Meanwhile, rotary fans are a favorite because they provide better functionality and safety.


Higher-speed fans are more efficient and dependable. To promote best buying practices, you should get a fan with a copper-made motor or a powerful brushless motor.


Looking for a high-capacity battery in a handheld fan is paramount to provide you with a longer runtime. The batteries vary in units and size, so you’ll need to look for one with a battery pack of 3400mAh or 5200mAh.

For outdoor use, the battery should last for at least 20 hours.


The efficiency of a handheld fan determines how powerfully it can generate forceful winds in humid and hot conditions. A fan’s motor and rotation speed improve its efficiency, and a fan with a greater rpm will produce more airflow than one with a lower rate.

There are fan designs that are portable and compact. This innovation led to the progress of the handheld fan, which is currently widely used.

They are portable and address the limitations of large table fans, and the best part is you can place these pocket monsters on tables or carry them in handbags!


Measuring airflow in cubic meters per minute and hour is common, but this is only sometimes the case. The safest thing to do is to pick a new fan with many airflows so that the cooling will work.