Cooling gel seat cushion

Gel seat cushion

Gain better support on short drives and longer trips with a cooling gel seat cushion that helps correct posture.

Gel seat cushion

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Keeping cool on a hot summer day can be difficult, especially during long drives when your body is stiff and exhausted. Here are the best cooling car seat cushions to consider before you hit the road in the heat.

Cooling gel posterior seat cushion


Color: Black

Material: bird’s eye cloth + memory foam + gel

Size: 40*37*5.5cm

Weight: memory foam + gel, 680G

Middle fabric: black single mesh fabric, side fabric: bird’s eye fabric, inner fabric: composite 0.2CM sponge

Side Seam Color: Blue

Backing fabric: plastic drop composite non-woven fabric

Memory foam: white, slow rebound memory foam. It typically rebounds in 2-4 seconds after the hand press to the end.

Gel color: blue, shape: oval



1. Gain better support on short drives and longer trips with this car seat cushion that helps correct Posture. Gel posterior cushion provides comfort and support to your posterior while driving. Cooling gel trucks and car cushions also help with joint support.

2. This cooling gel seat cushion also includes and built gel cooling pad for added comfort. Cooling gel draws heat away from the body to help keep you cool.

3. Memory foam molds to the body shape providing support and comfort. ​​​​​​​ Keep comfortable during daily drives and road trips with this gel seat cushion.

4. The memory foam&gel seat cushions have a non-slip backing. The highly resilient foam of this anti-slip seat cushion keeps its shape.


What are gel seat cushions?

Memory foam cushions infused with gel are called gel-infused memory foam cushions.

Gel memory foam is made by adding cooling gels or gel beads to memory foam. As the gel wicks heat away from you, the material is more breathable if you get hot while sitting.

Compared to memory foam, a gel-enhanced seat cushion is firmer to the touch. Gel-infused seat cushions will also contour to your body, but because they’re more forceful, you won’t get that sinking cushiness inherent in a memory foam cushion.

Another difference is that the gel microbeads make the memory foam high-density, which means it’ll feel firmer when you touch it.

If memory foam is too low-density for your needs, then a gel-infused cushion is your best option.

Work that requires you to sit for long periods can cause body pain and discomfort. We recommend the best gel seat cushions to help you choose.


Which gel seat cushion is right for you?

A cushioned seat reduces pain, relieves pressure, and comes in various thicknesses and materials. When choosing a gel seat cushion, keep these things in mind.

Fillings: Memory foam fillings remain intact and provide better support. Gel-infused memory foam allows cooling and adds to the breathability.

Shape: A proper form reduces pressure on the tailbone and corrects the Posture while offering stability for longer hours. Wedge-shaped and round-shaped gel seat cushions are available. Wheelchair users can also use donut and rectangle-shaped pillows.

Contour: Cushions with contoured designs have depressions on either side and a slight lift in the middle. In addition to providing breathability, contouring allows air circulation and corrects Posture.

Thickness: Shorter individuals may benefit from thinner cushions. They give you extra support without pulling the feet off the floor and removing knee strain. If you need thicker cushioning, choose memory foam since it gives you enough space to redistribute weight evenly.


How long do gel cushions last?

Based on the material and durability, gel cushions last from a year to fifteen years. The lifespan of the buffer depends on its usage. The heavier the use, the shorter the lifespan of the pillow.


Do seat cushions help?

Prolonged sitting causes pain in the disc, coccyx, and lumbar regions. A seat cushion can help fix posture issues and keep back and tailbone inflammation at bay. Gel cushions contain gel packs that distribute your weight evenly, relieving soreness. The car seat cushion with memory foam and cooling gel has cooling technology that circulates air to prevent sweating. Sitting comfortably with the use of pillows can also increase your work productivity.


Do gel seat cushions freeze?

No, good-quality gel seat cushions do not freeze. The filling in gel cushions is not a liquid that will freeze. The cooling sensation is due to the reduction in pressure while sitting and not due to freezing the gel.


Here are memory foam and gel seat cushion benefits.

1. Health Benefits

Cushions in both of these materials will reduce the strain placed on your back and hips when you sit for long periods, thanks to their cut-out design.

This design helps to alleviate your lower back pain, tailbone pressure, and hip pain because it gives these body parts adequate support.

By distributing your body weight equally across the seat, the stress level decreases.

A good memory or gel foam cushion will also help prevent spine health problems, such as sciatica pain and herniated discs.


2. Improves Posture

It’s been scientifically proven that sitting for a long time isn’t healthy. It can cause both circulatory and back problems.

A good spine alignment will help prevent chronic health conditions. By investing in a high-quality seat cushion for your office chair or car seat, you won’t have to readjust and fidget all the time. Instead, you can focus on your work and boost your energy levels.


3. Maintenance

Easy to use. These cushions are also easy to clean. Most of them come with a removable, washable cover. Please put it in the washing machine, and it’s good as new. You can clean the cushion with a damp cloth.