Polishing sponge pad

T22708 Portable wash car care
High-quality performance microfiber towels, microfiber promotes even distribution of waxes, polishes, and protectants. 
T22708 Portable wash car care

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Microfiber sponge pad


Material: Microfiber 230G/㎡ +Sponge


Color: Blue+Yellow+Green

Pocket size: 11CM


ULTRA-SOFT AND ABSORBENT: Microfiber wax applicator pads make with premium blended microfiber for ultimate softness, absorbency, and longevity. Sponges absorb the solution when waxing, making it easier to wax the car.

NO SCRATCHES: The surrounding lines are neat and even, without thread leakage or obvious thread ends, reducing surface scratches.

DURABLE: Two sides of this round waxing car washing sponge can use easily. The car’s wax applicator foam sponge is high-density, leaving no crumbs, and is durable.

REUSABLE: You can repeatedly wash and reuse these microfiber wax applicator pads, eliminating the need to purchase disposable products.

CONVENIENT: The wax applicator pads have a large finger pocket, so you can quickly and conveniently spread glaze, sealant, wax, or dressing on any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV.

APPLICATION: Soft microfiber wax applicator pads can work great for applying waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings, and more. Apply to car interior instrument desks, leather seats, bumpers, and car skirt goods such as glazing protection. It can be for car waxing, cleaning, dashboard body clean, maintaining leather seats, and air-conditioning outlet by cleaning pads with finger pockets.

Can you apply polish with a car microfiber wax applicator?

To apply polish or wax using an applicator sponge, prime the sponge by adding a small amount of liquid. Then, gently rub the juice onto the paintwork in small Miyagi swirls, making sure to apply with even and consistent pressure across the applicator sponge during this process.

These applicator sponges from Tiroflx are perfect for getting polish or wax onto a car scars bodywork for an even shine. The microfiber surface ensures a scratch-free touch on the paintwork when gliding the sponge along, though still being robust enough to endure constant bending and folding without wear.

These pads can also use on the car’s interior for dust removal and upholstery/furniture polishing, all within their capabilities, guaranteeing a revitalized look without risk of damage or scratching each time. To reuse, wash these applicators in water, then apply them again.

These foam applicator sponges are a favorite among car detailers. The small diameter makes them perfect for handheld use, allowing them to be applied with just the fingertips for a precise finish with an intricate swirling motion. These applicators do not absorb the wax or polish product, meaning there is no wastage.

These waxing polish microfiber foam sponges would make a great addition to your car detailing kit for polishing leather upholstery, applying tire dressings, or on the bodywork itself.

How do you clean a microfiber wax applicator?

They are easy to wash using your favorite detergent. You can wash them right in the washing machine. Make sure you wash them separately to prevent lint from accumulating. It would help if you never used fabric softener on microfiber products.

What can you do to make your car’s paint shine like new?

Using car shampoo will help you clean your vehicle. To make your car shine, wash it with car shampoo.

Apply a good polish with a microfiber wax applicator.

Wax the car with ultra-soft microfiber wax applicator pads.

Has any paintwork damage been repaired?

Supagard paint protection.

Don’t forget the glass.

Go the extra mile with a tire shine.

How many times can a car be polished?

At most twice per year. It allows me to keep my paint looking fresh while staying within the limits of the paintwork.

Do sponges damage car paint?

Sponges are suitable for washing your dishes, but you shouldn’t use them to clean your beloved car. A sponge can cause damage to the paintwork of your vehicle. Instead, it would help if you used a microfiber mitt as a safer alternative.

What do the colors of polishing pads mean?

In general, the different pad colors signify a separate cleaning application. For example, darker colors like black, brown, and maroon are the most aggressive pads used in stripping. Colors like blue or green are less aggressive and common scrubbing pads. Light colors, such as white, pink, and red, are used for polishing.

It is essential to wax your car to preserve its value. However, most car owners don’t wax their vehicles at all. There is a misconception among motorists that waxing a car is optional when it appears to have a clear-coat finish. Motorists must remember that the clear coat finish is only as thick as paper. Sunlight, acid rain, UV radiation, dirt, salt, and air pollution can easily damage this.

1. You must completely dry the car before you begin waxing it. As spots may appear, the waxing process will be more difficult if your vehicle is left to dry under the sun.

2. Use a clean microfiber car wax applicator and dampen it before applying it.

3. Your car should wax clockwise and circularly. It takes no time at all to cover the whole car this way.

4. Using a round microfiber wax applicator, move the cloth in circular motions anti-clockwise after applying the wax.

5. Keep rotating the round waxing sponge you have used to achieve that high-gloss shine. Using a rotating sponge will prevent streaks from appearing.