Inflatable U-shaped pillow

Inflatable U pillow
When you feel tired, you can take out the inflatable pillow to help you fall asleep as comfortably and quickly as possible. Suitable for traveling.
Inflatable U pillow

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The air cushion neck pillow provides maximum comfort for your neck and head. It can be an excellent solution for those who have trouble sleeping on planes, trains, or buses.

Travel pillows come in many shapes and sizes, but the U-shaped design is one of the most popular. The U-shape provides more comfort than other designs because it wraps around the neck and head. It prevents your head from falling forward or to the side when you sleep.

The shape also makes it easier to find a comfortable position while you sleep. You can wrap a pillow around your neck like a scarf or place it behind your back like a seat cushion. It allows you to adjust it to fit your needs at any time during your trip so that you can sleep comfortably, no matter your position.

There are many different kinds of travel pillows, depending on your needs.

Inflatable U-shaped travel pillow

Material: PVC+flocking

Color: Gray

Close size: 43*27cm

Open size: 34*23*11cm

Comfortable and Durable: Pillow fabric made from soft, healthful, super-thick flocking fabric & PVC, which is durable and water resistant. The PVC flocking fabric is soft and won’t cause excessive sweating. It remains soft even during freezing weather. Easily wash with mild soap water after travel.

Inflation: Pinch flat or bite the nozzle and blow it for a few seconds, and the pillow inflates quickly and stays extended for days. Deflation: Paint flat the nozzle and deflate it by pressing it on the table, then fold the pad for backpacking.

Good support: this U-Shaped pillow will fit your head & neck and automatically support your neck & lumbar according to body shape. It will be comfortable while staying supportive of your neck. Have a nice dream.

Widely used: Superlight and comfortable U-Shaped design, Perfect for noon break at the office or outdoor activities like camping, traveling, etc. At home, A Long Car Trip, While Camping, a Bus Or Plane Ride– Supports your head and neck.

Easy storing: Folds up to an ultra-comfortable pocket-size pillow when deflated for easy storage.

What are the benefits of travel pillows?

1. It is easy to use

Inflatable portable U-shaped neck pillows are usually lightweight, ergonomically designed, and come in various sizes. Some even come with additional high-tech features like temperature control.

2. Sleeping more comfortably

Travel pillows are a great way to make your journey more comfortable. They provide a quiet and comfortable place to rest your head while you sleep on the plane, train, or bus. When you’re on a long trip, relaxing may be challenging due to a bumpy bus ride or a cramped airplane seat. A soft inflatable travel pillow is valuable for frequent flyers who wish to maintain a semi-regular sleeping schedule while traveling.

3. Easing neck pain

Using a travel pillow can also relieve neck pain caused by looking down at a laptop for too long. Using a travel pillow can also relieve neck pain caused by looking down at a computer for too long.

4. Durability

You will only have to replace your pillow sometimes you travel if you find a durable one. Choose a pillow that can hold its shape and withstand light pressure.

Inflating an inflatable travel pillow: how does it work?

The inflation valve on pillows varies from pillow to pad, but generally, they have a set of instructions. Inflatable travel pillows may inflate on their own or require you to pump air into them. The valve allows air inside and is closed once the cushion fully extends. Once the pillow has inflated, you can adjust the firmness by laying your head on it and slowly releasing the air. When you feel comfortable, close the valve.

Do airplanes allow inflatable travel pillows?

Inflatable travel pillows are allowed on airplanes. You can use an inflatable neck pillow while on board at any time. During takeoff and landing, more giant inflatable travel pillows, such as footrests and body pillows, must be stored and deflated.

Factors to consider when buying a foldable portable pillow.

Finding a travel pillow that you are comfortable using for an extended period is essential.

Inflatable vs. non-inflatable

During a long-haul trip, most travelers don’t want to carry an extra pillow. Air pillows provide more cushioning and can fold into a smaller size, and inflatable U-shaped neck pillows only take up a little space in luggage.

Various filling materials can use in non-inflatable travel pillows, including memory foam, polyester fiberfill, and microbeads. The different materials make it easier to find a comfortable fit, but non-inflatable pads tend to be bulkier. Typically, both inflatable and non-inflatable pillows have removable covers that can be machine-washed or spot-cleaned.


A neck U-shaped pillow’s size and portability are just as crucial off a plane as on it if you’re traveling in multiple parts or backpacking through Europe. Some inflatable neck pillows have straps to attach to your luggage, while others can fold to fit inside a small bag. But for shorter trips, carrying an additional item can be a hassle.