Microfiber cleaning cloth

car wash towel
This ultra-soft and highly absorbent microfiber cleaning towel can be used to wash, dry, polish, buff, wax, and finish cars.
car wash towel

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A clean car wash towel can make or break a car wash. Dirt and grime from one part of the car can easily be transferred to another area, causing scratches or unsightly smudges. Smudges can fix, but the scratches may be permanent.

The best solution to this issue is to use clean towels. Pay close attention to the tools you use when cleaning your car because it’s not just about the cleaning products. You can get the best shine by using the best towels for different purposes.

Car Wash Microfiber Towel


-Material: 80%ployester+20%nylon

-Size: 45*38CM

-Color: Yellow+Gray


Soft Microfiber Cleaning Towel】Microfiber Towel is very soft and thick and will not scratch paint, coating, or other surfaces. It is a streak-free, lint-free, and non-corrosive cleaning rag.

Super Absorbent】Cleaning Towel has superfine fiber and stronger water absorption than ordinary towels. The excellent water absorbent function can do a great job cleaning a few leftover water stains. Very suitable for cleaning dust, shame, and dirty water.

Hook Design】The multipurpose towel can hang up when it is not in use, which is less likely to breed bacteria than when it folds, which can prevent the towel from having a terrible smell.

Durable】The edge of the towel uses a reinforcement layer to extend its life of the towel. The car wash towel can reuse hundreds of times without worrying about leaving lint, fading, and other issues.

Widely UsedEasy to clean and reusable! This cleaning towel can be wet or dry. Wash and reuse them hundreds of times to clean your kitchen, bathroom, office, garage, vehicle, computer screen, iPad, cell phone, glasses, desk, and more.

The car microfiber cleaning towel can be used for washing, drying, buffing, waxing, and finishing. The plush side removes dirt well, while the soft side polishes and buffs well.

Microfiber – what is it?

The diameter of a microfiber is about 1/100th that of a human hair and 1/20th that of a silk strand. Polyamide is nylon, and polyester is plastic. It is a mixture of polyester and polyamide. It is why microfiber towels cannot wash in hot water. A typical microfiber towel contains approximately 200,000 fibers per square inch.

When used for cleaning, microfiber towels are often x5 smaller, resulting in more surface area to absorb liquid and trap dirt and dust.

Can you reuse microfiber towels after a car wash?

Yes! In addition to being washable, it can also reuse over and over again.

What’s to blame for paint scratches?

High-quality microfiber towels will never scratch clear coats. The towels are incredibly soft, much softer than the paint finish.

Microfiber cloths themselves don’t cause scratches. A trapped substance between your clear coat and towel causes them. As a result of improper washing and drying, these particles act as scouring agents, causing the towel to dig into the clear coat as it wipes.

Here are 7 Things to know before washing microfiber towels.

1. Separate different microfiber towels into separate loads at all times. Towels that are lightly soiled should separate from microfiber cloths used on oily and grimy surfaces if you are lazy.

2. The washing machine probably needs to be cleaned after you have washed the heavily soiled towels. Please ensure the walls of the device are clean by wiping them down with one of the microfiber cloths. Run an empty cycle on your machine after wiping it clean. It will also remove any residue from fabric softeners and soap pods.

3. Before putting your microfiber cloths in the dryer, clean out the lint trap.

4. Neither microfiber cloths nor cotton towels should wash together. Lint might collect on microfiber towels from clothing, making them difficult to clean.

5. Avoid using soap pods. Microfiber towels can get clogged up by scents and stuff like that.

6. Avoid washing microfiber towels in hot water. Polyamide and polyester components will melt off the fibers in a hot wash cycle. Your microfiber towels will become non-absorbent and scratch your paint as a result.

7. Avoid washing microfiber towels with powder detergent, as the powder will remain in the fibers after your wash cycle, making them ineffective in cleaning.

Here are some tips for maintaining car cleaning clothes.

Even though microfiber towels aren’t the most expensive cleaning items, maintaining them will help you get the most out of them.

Use products that don’t contain strong chemicals. When used with just water, they work best.

After cleaning, shake the towel and rinse it thoroughly in the sink rather than washing it every time.

Organize your multipurpose cleaning cloths in one place, separate from other towels or laundry.

When should I replace my microfiber towel?

The key is to buy a new microfiber cloth when your home doesn’t sparkle after a dusting session. It is time to replace your microfiber cloth if you see stains, a rougher texture, or fraying edges.