Car roof bag

Car roof bag
Soft shell material roof bag folds into storage bag when not in use to save space. Most roofs with racks or crossbars will fit it.
Car roof bag

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Instead of stuffing your vehicle’s cargo area before your next vacation or extended road trip, invest in a rooftop carrier. Rooftop cargo bags or car-top carriers are storage containers in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Those who enjoy winter sports should choose a carrier that has a secure locking system to secure skis and snowboards. Those who enjoy camping might want a roof bag with water resistance to accommodate bulky tents and sleeping bags.

They are introducing the car roof bag! It’s the perfect solution for those who have trouble fitting their luggage into their trunk or back seats.

Car roof bag


-Color: Black

-Material: 600D OXFORD, PVC coating, EVA


-Water Resistance Level: Water Resistant

-Mounting Type: Universal Roof Mount


1. Waterproof: Includes waterproof rain bag lining to protect luggage. Its zippers and exquisitely designed hoop-and-loop fasteners protect your suitcase from rain, sand, snow, wind, and sun.

2. Large capacity: convenient to handle and store luggage, suitcases, tents, and sleeping bags, increase the cargo space of standard vehicles, and make the journey more comfortable.

3. Sturdy yet Lightweight: Made with durable 600D OXFORD material to resist impacts and tears. A lockable solid zip on the rooftop rack bag is double-stitched for extra strength. There are fitting straps included.

4. Universal uses: Designed to fit most vehicles, including cars, small vans & 4x4s WITH roof bars.

5. Easy to install: The roof luggage bag is suitable for any car, truck, or SUV. Whether or not your vehicle has a rack installed, you can install it quickly and easily within a few minutes.

6. Easy to store: The roof bag, when folded, is very compact and easy to store. When not in use, easily fold the roof bag flat for a low-profile close look and to save storage space.

7. Economic: Despite having a large capacity, this carrier costs hundreds less than most box carriers. While versatility and ease of installation are hallmarks of all bag carriers, waterproof luggage storage is particularly user-friendly because it is compatible with all roof systems, including those with or without roof racks.

What is a car roof bag?

A car roof bag is a storage bag that attaches to the roof of your car. It is usually made from waterproof fabric and can be used to store items such as groceries, and sporting goods, such as golf clubs or skis, but it can also use to carry more general things like clothes or camping gear. They often operate on the roofs of SUVs and other vehicles with high ceilings. Roof bags are usually made from water-resistant, durable fabric and include several pockets for storage.

Roof bags can remove easily when not needed and stowed in the trunk when not in use. It is an advantage over traditional roof racks, which may require permanent vehicle installation and can’t remove easily when not needed.

When choosing a rooftop carrier, what should you think?

You’ll need to balance the following factors when choosing a rooftop cargo carrier, even though the job of a roof cargo carrier is simple – hauling gear from one place to another.

1. Carrier Types

The main types of cargo carriers are the following.

Box: These hard-sided pods provide the most secure storage for various cargoes, from luggage to sporting equipment. You can easily attach clamps, U-bolts, or some other mounting hardware to your vehicle. The lock on box carriers makes them ideal for transporting valuables. The boxy shape of these pods causes wind drag and reduces fuel efficiency, which can be expensive and noisy.

Bag: Soft-sided bags attach directly to your car’s roof with straps, eliminating the need for roof racks. They fold up for compact storage when not in use and are easier to put on and take off. Bag carriers are also more affordable.

Basket: Metal baskets mounted to the roof of your car provide stable storage space for bulky items with straps, bungee cords, or rope. In addition to being affordable, they are easy to use and don’t create much wind drag when empty. However, objects stored in a basket are exposed to the weather and are easy targets for thieves.

2. Carrier Specs

Dimensions: Make sure the carrier is within the length of your vehicle by measuring the airline’s size. It could obstruct your view and cause a hazard on the road if it extends beyond your windshield. It might prevent your hatch from opening if it extends beyond the back of your roof. It’s also important to consider height, especially if the carrier will park in a garage.

Storage Capacity: The carrier’s capacity gives you an idea of how much it can carry.

Weight: Consider the importance of the carrier itself since this will affect how easy it is to install.

How safe are rooftop carriers?

In short, yes, with the obvious caveat that proper usage is paramount to carrier safety. Here are three key reminders.

-Size it correctly. It could block your view or cause a distraction if the roof box is too long for your vehicle. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that your car’s load capacity is at most that of the carrier.

– Install it securely. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Loose bolts, unsecured straps, and over-torqued clamps can pose hazards on the open road.

-Load it evenly. As long as your gear evenly distribute, your carrier will remain stable. Tie-down stowed items to prevent them from sliding around since excessive movement can compromise the carrier’s security.