JAGER M8 Electric city bike

The motor will assist you with a moderate amount of power as you pedal the electric bike. It provides enough energy for your daily trip and mountain cruise.

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JAGER M8 Beach bike specifications

Frame: AL frame 26″

Shock Fork: Suspension Fork MOZO

Fender: ABS Fender Black

Tire: 26*3.0 black tire

Motor: 48V 750W

Rim: Black spoke rim

Stem: Adjust alloy stem

Grip: leather Grip

Front & rear brake: XOD Hidralic brake or Taiwan Hidralic Brak

Crank: Prowheel Crank


Derilleur: SHIMANO 6 GEAR

Freewheel: SHIMANO 6 GEAR

Pedal: Foladable TUV approve

Saddle: Velo saddle

Seat post: 27.2 seat post

Carrier: alloy carrier

Rear light: RL-810 light

Front light: D-022 light with horn

Charger: 48V,2A SANS

Battery: 48V 20AH Polly box

LCD Display: LCD X6 Display

Controller: 48V/23AH,9MOS

Electric bikes are convenient in the city because you don’t have to worry about heavy stuff, such as car payments, fuel, or parking. Instead, all you need is a power outlet and a little storage. Electric bikes made for the city. So it’s about time we made the cities better for electric bikers.

Years ago, electric bicycles were bulky, inconvenient, expensive, and had short battery lives. The world has changed now. Now, e-bikes are lighter, more attractive, and more powerful than ever. It doesn’t require you to be physically fit to ride one. Your carbon footprint shrinks, traffic congestion reduces, and you get outside.

There are some pieces of advice to consider before you buy e-bikes.

1. Speed and power

For electric bike riders in the city, the speed limit in most cities is around 20-25 mph or 32-40 km per hour; most urban e-bike riders will hit that pretty quickly. For another, speed can be quite dangerous.

When choosing an electric bike for the city, you need a fast enough bike, rather than as quickly as possible. Most e-bikes offer enough power to do just that.

If you live in a very hilly city or need to bike long distances, you might need an e-bike with a more powerful motor and a larger battery. You are running out of battery power when out and about is inconvenient.

2. Features

You’ve seen the bikes around your neighborhood. They look like so much fun! However, e-bikes have so many different specs and features.

New features of Ebikes each year are being developed to help urban cyclists. And not just improvements on preexisting parts, like bigger batteries and more powerful motors, but completely new ideas.

3. Some bikes cost high

They have higher-end components. The batteries and motors on high-end bikes are usually more powerful and cover a longer distance, with a 90- or 120-mile range, compared to the 15-20 mile ranges you’ll see on more affordable bikes. If you commute a short distance, this may not matter.

4. On what type of terrain do you live

You should be OK with a 250-watt motor if you live in a flat area. Consider a 500-watt or 750-watt motor and some extras, such as hydraulic disc brakes, if you live near hills or haul a lot of stuff.

5. Rules and classifications for e-bikes

Make sure you check your local laws. Make sure you can use your electric bike before you buy it! It is illegal to ride an e-bike in many cities and states.

You may need a license if your state classifies e-bikes under the same laws as motorcycles and mopeds. Helmets should always wear no matter what.

What are the benefits of urban e-biking?

There are lots of benefits to owning an electric bike. Riding an electric bike can improve your life in so many ways.

In particular, those living or spending a lot of time in the city stand to gain the most from owning an electric bike.

1. Electric bikes make getting around the city a helluva lot easier. They’re portable, maneuverable, agile, and much less expensive to own than some alternatives.

We no need must rely solely upon public transport – e.g., the bus, tram, subway, etc.

Owning a car, but in the city, cars often become more inconvenient than helpful. Aside from the usual expenses, such as insurance, car owners need to worry about traffic, damages, and, most frustratingly, PARKING. Only some residences in the city offer parking, and trying to find a spot after work in the center can be maddening. Monthly parking passes at particular shared lots can also cost a ridiculous amount.

Bike owners don’t have to worry about these issues, though. Parking a bike is much easier than parking a car, and you don’t have to worry much about bus or metro schedules. With the help of a motor, e-bike owners can also travel long distances in the city without even breaking a sweat.

2. Riding an electric bike is much better for the environment!

They are an eco-friendly way to get around and offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional bikes. An electric bike is much better for the environment since it produces zero emissions and requires less energy than conventional bicycles.

Additionally, electric bikes provide riders with a faster and smoother ride than traditional bicycles due to their powerful motors. Electric bikes are worth considering if you want to reduce your carbon footprint while still getting around quickly.

How do you maintain your e-bikes?

Maintenance e-bikes and regular bikes are similar.

You are keeping your bike tires filled with air.

Making sure the chain is adequately lubed and oiled up.

Checking the brakes to make sure they work.

Take care of the bike battery and motor. Luckily, both of these suffer from severe breakage very often. If and when e-bikes fail, it’s best to take your ride to a repair shop specializing in electric bicycles.

The popularity of electric bikes is growing among commuters and recreational riders alike. With the rise in demand for electric bikes, there are now more options than ever. Whether you’re looking for an e-bike to commute to work or one for recreational use, it’s essential to ensure you get the right one that fits your needs.

Tiroflx will help you start choosing the best electric bike by exploring different types of e-bikes and their features.