Car wheel lock


Heavy duty wheel clamp ideal for long stay car parks and car sale forecourts, Ideal for cars, trailers, caravans, and truks.


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Wheel clamp is a good solution for people who want to protect their vehicles from theft and vandalism.

Wheel clamp


-Fits all wheel dimension

-Yellow finish for high visibility

-Supplied with two keys

-Robust and durable construction with zinc plating for corrosion resistance

-Easily assemble heavy duty wheel lock will protect your vehicle from theft supplied with a locking

-The system key’s compact size allows easy storage when not in use and can

-Adjustable straps, easy to fit with a simple and quick ratchet action

-Use for cars, caravans, trailers, and trucks

Wheel clamp size requirements are usually needed to know tire widths and wheel diameters. How to measure wheel size? Check the sidewall of one of your car’s tires to determine your car’s wheel size. There are three dimensions you need to know:

aaa/bb R cc

aaa = tire width in millimeters

bb = tire profile (sidewall height) as a percentage of tire width

cc = wheel rim diameter in inches (the R means radial type)

How to put on a wheel clamp?

The method for fitting a wheel clamp onto your car depends entirely on the device’s design.

For triangular wheel clamps, this involves placing the clamp arms or chains around the tire at two or three points, tightening the whole assembly to fit firmly around the tire, and locking the cover plate with a key. Inserting the arm pieces and getting them around the tire can be tricky at the top near the wheel arch.

Claw clamps are more straightforward as they go behind and in front of the tire at just one point before being tightened and locked. Like triangular clamps, claw-style clamps must fit firmly around the tire so they can’t move quickly. Some claw-style clamps are locked to a wheel nut, while others work inside the rim.

Limpet clamps require a special receiving bolt to replace the wheel nut, so they must be set up in advance. Once the initial setup is complete, they are easy to install. Slide the steel pole onto the main assembly, insert it through the wheel, line up the limpet with the bolt receiver, and turn the key.

Car wheel clamp lock is also called car wheel lock, wheel clamp lock, anti-theft wheel lock, Etc. The heavy-duty lock clamp completely immobilizes a wheel from rotating or turning, which is perfect for anti-theft applications.

What are the benefits of using car wheel clamps?

1. Wheel Clamps are ideal as a deterrent to reduce theft risk. They are to be highly visible and provide suitable security via the clamp and lock.

2. Police or local councils can also use vehicle wheel clamps for parking offenses.

3. Car wheel clamps provide additional security by preventing the unauthorized movement of vehicles.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why tire clamp locks are becoming increasingly popular among drivers everywhere.

Does clamping violate the law?

Clamping, blocking, or towing away a car parked on private property is illegal. If a vehicle is improperly parked or untaxed, lawful authorities, such as the police, can clamp it. No private organization can secure a car. If you connect your vehicle to prevent theft, this would not be considered an offense.

Are car wheel clamps effective?

Wheel clamps are generally easy to use and require no special tools or training. Heavy-duty wheel clamps are an effective way to immobilize a vehicle and deter thieves.

What are wheel clamps for cars?

Cars’ Wheel clamps are devices that secure a car’s wheels. They work by clamping onto the wheel and preventing it from turning. It serves to immobilize the vehicle and prevent it from being driven away.

How do you install a wheel clamp on your car?

Wheel clamps generally install by clamping them onto the wheel of a car. The clamps will have a tightening mechanism that will allow you to tighten them down so that they grip the wheel.

How do you remove a wheel clamp from your car?

There are several ways to remove a wheel clamp from a car. One way is to use a key often provided with the clamp. Turning the clamp’s bolt with a wrench is another option.

How do you choose the best wheel clamp for your car?

Choosing the right wheel clamp for your car is an important decision. It’s not just about finding a product that looks good but also one that offers maximum security and protection. These factors depend on the size and weight of your car and the type of wheels you have. You should also consider the materials used in constructing the yellow wheel clamp and how easy it is to use. With these considerations, you can choose the best anti-theft locking device that best meets your needs and provides optimal protection for your vehicle.

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