Jager display generation 4

Jager display
Jager display generation 4 plug-and-play is the best solution for your Inokim OX/OXO.
Jager display

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When e-bike riders always need to spend a lot of time finding small accessories for e-bikes, making shopping a little tricky. To solve this problem and to help more people, we provide scooter parts, accessories, and Inokim-compatible parts.

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Jager display generation 4


Jager display generation 4 compatible OX OXO plug and play with zero start option and enormous manual setting unlimited speed.

To compare with display generation 3, what are the updates on generation 4?

-6.5 inch TFT LCD, more prominent color display

-Better and central grip display

-NFC controller to start

-Separate power switch

-Manual light switch

See our technical guide to how the scooter parts install.

If you’ve just unboxed your new e-scooter or want to use a rentable one, understanding how electric scooter displays work is essential. Understanding each part of the display and how it operates is a significant first step before taking your brand-new electric scooter on the road. Here we’ll make your know-how electric scooter display works.

What is an electric scooter display?

An electric scooter display is integral to understanding what’s going on while you ride. Sometimes it’s essential to know what the electric scooter display meter is trying to communicate. Not every e-scooter has a display, but most models can add one. Most LCD control panels have a few readings: battery level, voltage, speedometer, odometer, trip mileage, and error messages. Each readout is vital at different times, and we’ll walk you through each. Remember that most electric scooter displays are next to the accelerator handle.

How to understand electric scooter speedometers?

The speedometer is usually the most significant on an electric scooter LCD. This number tells you the speed at which the scooter is moving. Most speedometers can display either miles per hour (MPH) or kilometers per hour (KPH), but this often depends on the country in which it sells. Make sure your unit of speed is to your region. It will help you not break any local e-scooter speed limits.

How to understand electric scooter gear mode?

The gear selector picks your scooter motor’s gear or “mode.” Most of the time, an electric scooter gear selector is a button or switch near the throttle. The electric throttle controls are usually on the handlebar. The gear your scooter is in represents the scooter display screen. Look for the number closest to the odometer, which is most likely the gear indicator. Each pack or mode intends for different terrains like straightaways or hills. It is a critical function for the health of your e-scooter motor. Be sure to read your manual to determine what precisely the modes do.

How to understand electric scooter battery indicators?

The battery level is the most apparent indicator on an electric scooter display. Most of the time, this indicator shapes like a battery. Often, the battery shape is separated to indicate a rough percentage breakdown of how much battery life remains. In addition, some scooters have a “battery saver mode,” which will be displayed next to the battery. Knowing how far an electric scooter can go can help make the presented information more helpful. Additionally, if you have a regenerative braking electric scooter, you can read our article to learn more about what that feature does.

How to understand electric scooter voltage indicators?

Some experts think the voltage display accurately represents battery life more than the battery indicator. Also, the voltage display can provide warning signs of a deteriorated battery. Sometimes this reading is hidden behind other stats but can be revealed with several button presses. Most experts recommend riding your scooter with the voltage display turned on instead of things like the odometer.

How to understand electric scooter odometers?

The odometer is usually off to the side or bottom of the e-scooter display. The odometer shows the lifetime miles a scooter has traveled. So, if your e-scooter is brand new, this number should be 0. There are ways to reset the odometer, but the process differs from brand to brand.

How to understand electric scooter trip mileage display?

The trip mileage display on your e-scooter indicates the miles traveled since the scooter was powered on. So, if you run to the store and back, your trip mileage display will tell you how many miles the trip was. It is an often-ignored part of the display but can help you plan to repeat travels on your scooter.