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Window cleaner brush handles are made of plastic for a comfortable grip. The compact design makes it easy to transport and store.
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The windshield squeegee and sponge with a handle are ideal for cars and small truck windows. This 2-in-1 tool features a rubber-blade squeegee on one side and a mesh scrubber on the other. Scrub tough dirt with a heavy-duty mesh scrubber and dry windows with the rubber squeegee blade. Here are our product details of rubber window squeegee.

Car wash brush sponge and squeegee


Material: ABS+rubber+sponge+white mesh

Color: black handle + black rubber strip + black sponge + white mesh

Plastic rod length: 51CM, diameter: 2CM

Handle diameter: 2.7CM

Handle Length: 16CM

8 “Window scraper head: 20*8CM

Strip size: 20.5*2.5CM


-The handle is hard and durable plastic. The polypropylene handle provides a long reach and a comfortable grip. The handle can be easily disassembled and takes up less space.

-Mesh with a sponge can easily scrub and wash dirt from window screens, car windshields, bathtubs, and tiles. Heavy Duty Mesh Scrubber scrubs tough dirt and grime without scratching your windows. Window-cleaning tool features a nylon net-covered sponge to improve the life of the sponge.

-2-in-1 tool with a squeegee on one side and barde on the other. With a wide blade made of soft rubber and a nylon sponge. Eliminates the need to change attachments for faster, more efficient cleaning.

-Window squeegee delivers scrubbing power for tough residue.

-Soft rubber squeegee on opposite side wipes away excess suds and water. With the rubber squeegee blade, you can dry your windows streak-free.

-The windshield brush is mainly suitable for car surface cleaning and stain removal for glass windows, standing windows, bathrooms, tiled walls, glass coffee tables, and the like. Help to clean the front windshield of the car and do the housework. It boasts long-lasting stain removal performance.

What is a car window squeegee with a scrubber?

A car window cleaning sponge and squeegee clean a vehicle’s windows. A sponge squeegee consists of two parts, the sponge and the squeegee. The sponge has natural or synthetic materials, while the squeegee has rubber or plastic.

The car window cleaning tool helps remove dirt, dust, insects, bird droppings, tree sap, and other debris from your windows. It can also help in keeping your glass free from streaks.

How to clean car windows with a window squeegee with a mesh scrubber?

The first step is to wash with a strip applicator.

Strip applicators have long cloth heads that soak up soapy water and knock the dirt off the glass without scratching it.

The second step is to use a squeegee to clean the surface

Pull the squeegee in a reverse-S pattern over the soapy pane starting at the top left.

The third step is to dry off any remaining drips.

The squeegee should be pulled from top to bottom in one stroke. Remove any remaining water from the edges of the glass with a blade, which absorbs wetness without leaving streaks. Clean the blade after each stroke, so it does not leave spots. You can use a chamois to remove lines from the glass and a rag to dry the muntin and sill.

Is a car window cleaning sponge and squeegee necessary?

A window-cleaning sponge squeegee is an essential tool for the car detailing process.

A car’s window cleaning sponge and squeegee are tools to clean a vehicle’s windows. It designs to clean glass surfaces without scratching them, which can be difficult with ordinary household sponges or cloths. The purpose of a squeegee is to remove excess water from the window after it has with the sponge by pressing it against the window and drawing it across, removing any remaining dirt or grime that the sponge did not fire.

It is difficult to clean every spot while holding a heavy, uncomfortable handle and bending your body into awkward positions. That’s only one task related to updating your exterior. Because of this, getting an ergonomic, comfortable, and easy-to-use squeegee is a great idea.

You’ll find many windshields cleaning sponges on the market, but not all actually do the job or last long. We have answers to the most frequently asked questions about window squeegees.

Which is better, silicone or rubber squeegee?

Rubber blades are recommended for windows because they are sturdy and durable without damaging the glass. Because silicone blades are softer and more flexible, they can maneuver better over tiled and rippled surfaces. Additionally, silicone blades work well on glass, tile, mirrors, and more.

Does a squeegee work better when cleaning glass?

The best way to clean windows is with a squeegee, regardless of whether it’s inside or outside. It’s faster and more effective than other methods, resulting in a streak-free finish.

What surfaces can be used by window squeegees?

Most products within window sponges with handles can use to clean Glass, Mirrors, Marble, Tile, Metal, and Granite.

Some people believe this tool is unnecessary because they can use a regular household item to do their job. But this will cause damage to your vehicle’s windows because household items are not made specifically for glass surfaces like these tools are.