Trailer scissor mirror

Trailer towing mirror
Dual lens universal clip-on mirror. Adds extra vision when towing. It will not interfere with the existing mirror. Easy install with your car side mirror.
Trailer towing mirror

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Have you ever seen a truck driving down the road with mirrors sticking out so far that you feel like they are in your lane? Could a car without a hitch receiver have those exact towing mirrors?

Next on the pre-tow checklist is verifying that your side-view mirrors provide a clear view extending to the trailer’s end.

Towing mirrors are specifically for towing trailers, so you can better see the end of whatever you are pulling. They extend outward further than the standard side mirror, increasing your rearward vision to help provide a safer towing experience. Although blind spots are nearly impossible to avoid, trailer mirrors help further minimize those blind spots while towing. Most states even have laws requiring certain visibility or specific adjustable tow mirrors while towing.

Our trailer clip-on towing mirror details

Description: The trailer mirror is adjustable, fast, and easy to assemble. It provides a broader vision and a better rear view, making driving safer. It has a long service life.


Adjustable mirror: The outer mirror element and the entire mirror body are ball bearings and can be adjusted, so the adjustable angle rearview mirror can be adjusted individually according to each driver and cover blind spots.

Safer driving: The exterior mirror increases the viewing area. It has a broader vision and safer driving, which ensures traffic safety. Safety is the top priority of road traffic. If you are driving a trailer, this practical exterior mirror is a valuable addition to your car. Even if you are driving a large trailer, it lets you see the secondary lane. With this additional mirror for caravans and caravans, you can always see everything.

High-quality materials: PP, mirror glass. Due to the elastic rubber band with a firm rib profile, the exterior mirrors can be to all standard car models. Because of its good quality, the clamp-on mirror is solid, but the price is low.

Easy to assemble: Easily adjustable arms and reversible to fit left Or right. They can be quickly and easily installed on the exterior mirrors, providing you with a better rear view. Two strong rubber bands fix each mirror to ensure stable fixation and suppress vibration simultaneously.

Universal Applications: The accessory rearview mirror is compatible with almost all standard car models due to its universal production.

What are extended mirrors?

Telescopic mirrors are extendable mirrors that adjust the mirrors when necessary. They can extend to offer a better view when towing or go back to a standing position when you have nothing hitched.

Why do you tow mirrors?

Better Visibility: With towing mirrors, you’ll have a better view of the road behind you and on the sides of your trailer.

Safer Towing: When you have a better view of your trailer, you can tell if it’s swaying or if any of your cargo isn’t properly secured.

How do you know which tow mirror extenders you need?

From the left side mirror of every motor vehicle, the driver must be able to see the highway to the rear.

The driver should mount the rearview mirror inside or outside the vehicle for a clear road view. The driver should mount the rearview mirror inside or outside the car for a clear road picture.

Towing mirrors are available in several different options. If you purchase a new tow vehicle, you can upgrade to the trailer mirror extensions for towing. You can also buy removable mirror attachments explicitly made for towing, or an entirely new mirror, depending on the size of the trailers you’ll be towing and how often you’ll be towing.

Options for trailer mirror extensions

Various options are available, including manual, power, telescopic (extendable), and clip-on mirrors. Since you have to adjust them manually, the manual is pretty self-explanatory. It is possible to extend telescopic mirrors when necessary. Both manual and power versions are available; they can extend when towing or return to a standing position when not hitched. In seconds, they clip onto your vehicle mirror and are inexpensive. However, depending on how well they fit your mirror, they may sometimes look funny/stand out among the rest of your vehicle.

Convex or spotter mirrors are also helpful when towing. Standard flat mirrors usually have a narrower field of vision and reflect more in a smaller space than these smaller mirrors. Having a broader field of vision reduces the blind spot even further. With these mirrors, the driver can see a larger area than a regular mirror because they give a full-sized image of distant objects. With these mirrors, the driver can see a larger size than a standard mirror because they provide a full-sized image of foreign objects. For peace of mind while towing, ensure you have appropriate side-view mirror extenders.