Trailer intermediate cable with plugs

Trailer connector
Suitable for extending the cable on trailers, caravans, etc. 7 pin long extension leads. Durable black plastic construction. Easy to install and use.
Trailer connector

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One of the best things about camping by trailer or RV is having power when you park. By the trailer, you need to use brake, light, and energy, which connect the vehicle. Having lights, fans, a stove, a furnace, a refrigerator, power outlets, and other luxuries makes RV travel easier. You’ll also need a power cord to power all of that, so you’ll need to plug in your RV. Nevertheless, a 7-way trailer extension cord is essential if your cable needs to be longer. Let’s learn about what makes these cords unique.

7 Pin plug extension lead


RVV size: 7*0.5MM

Product material: PA6+copper+PVC

Product color: black

Cable length: 5M


European Standard: Easy for connecting lights from a vehicle to a trailer, perfect for extending the connector between the trailer and another car. Seven pin 5m extension lead cable establishes a connection between the vehicle and additional trailer and transfers electronic signal lights from vehicle to trailer.

Easy Assembly: Using the trailer extension cord with seven pins makes it easy to get your electrics up and running to power your trailer or caravan while towing vehicles and additional trailers. The cable provides connections for indicators, side lights, brake lights, and fog lamps.

Durable & Waterproof: Corrosion-resistant metal contacts and high-quality material ensure long service life and provide the perfect waterproof. It has copper and plastic material and heat flame-resistant fabric; this material produces trailer extension cable wire with high elasticity, wear resistance, aging resistance, and so on. It has a long service life. The trailer Extension Cord can meet the requirements of various working environments.

Easy To Assemble: Easy installation supplies power to your caravan, towing, and truck to prevent being troubled by an emergency, such as the car breaking down halfway suddenly. This trailer cable can help you out in a crisis.

Wide Application: The electric trailer extension cable is suitable for towing most European Caravan/RV/tractor/Trailer connector/car/truck/brake joint/semi-trailer/box train/container transporter.

What is trailer cable?

Trailer cable is an automotive wire most commonly used for towing vehicles, trailers, and other heavy equipment. This wire supplies power to a trailer’s lights, including taillights, brake lights, and turn signals. The trailer Cable is integral to any towing application’s trailer connector safety system.

What is a trailer 7 Pin plug extension cable with plugs?

A trailer 7 Pin extension cable with plugs is one kind of trailer cable which connect the primary vehicle and the additional trailer. It is to extend the length of an existing trailer 7-pin connector. The extension lead has a 7-pin socket at one end and a 7-pin socket at the other.

Why need a 7P extension cable with plugs?

You might need a 7 Pin trailer extension cable for various reasons. The first reason is if you’re looking for a long line to extend the reach of your trailer’s wiring harness. Another reason you might need an extension cable is because it can help expand your wiring harness’s space to another vehicle or trailer.

A 7-pin trailer extension cable can also be for if you want to install a hitch-mounted accessory on your vehicle but need more room in the bed or body of the car for the wire harness.

Some people use their seven-pin trailer extension cables as part of their tow package when looking for an easy way to connect their vehicles and tow them easily. These cables are also handy when one person needs to pull more than one car at once and wants everything connected safely and securely.

A trailer Extension Cord with 7 Pin can use for many different purposes, such as extending the length of an existing trailer seven-pin connector or connecting two trailers. The extension cable also can transfer the electronic signature from the vehicle to the trailer and provide power to your camper, trailer, and truck. The extension cable plugs into the trailer’s hitch via a 7-pin plug attached to the car’s rear.

The 7P connection cable with plugs has a length made from copper wire to provide maximum protection against corrosion.

Can you use an extension cord for your RV?

For your RV, you can use an extension cord. You can extend the plug if your RV is too far from the pin, but there are a few things in mind. It mostly depends on how long the cord is and the type of power your RV needs.

Is trailer wiring necessary?

Trailer connector wiring is required to connect the taillights, turn signals, brake lights, and other electrical systems of a vehicle towing a trailer.

How long should trailer wiring stick out past the trailer tongue? 

Typically, you want between 16″ and 24″ of wire to extend past the trailer tongue, but it depends on your particular vehicle and the location of the trailer plug on your car. You need to choose an extension cable to connect if longer is required.

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