Trailer coupling lock

Trailer coupling lock
A trailer hitch coupler lock provides a safe and convenient environment by fixing trailer latches, cargo boxes, and other trailer doors.
Trailer coupling lock

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Heavy Duty Universal Adjustable Coupler Lock

Built to last: Quality hardware materials ensure incredible security and quality, regardless of the weather conditions. And the keys are pretty solid.

Deters theft: bright, deterrent yellow is durable, noticeable, and an essential accessory to all trailers.

Secure protection: Our trailer hitch lock provides additional security and theft deterrence while towing and protects your trailer, boat, and camper safely.

Easy to install: Easy and quick to install and remove. Universal coupling lock to fit most caravans, horse boxes, trailers, etc. Your vehicle’s tow ball fits into the tow hitch in precisely the same way.

Designed to fit: 17/8″, 2′, and 25/16″ couplers.

Key lock: U-shaped universal hitch lock includes one trailer hitch coupler lock and two security keys.

What is a universal coupler lock for a hitch?

When the trailer unhitches, a coupler lock is to secure it. It fit snugly into the trailer coupler to prevent anyone from hooking up the vehicle. This kind of trailer coupler hitch lock fits different couplers.

Is a coupler lock necessary?

If your trailer is hitched to your vehicle or unhitched, a coupler hitch lock can prevent it from being stolen with a coupler hitch lock, whether it connected or unhitched. The U-shaped lock on your trailer’s tongue makes it difficult for someone without a key to hooking up the trailer. The U-shaped lock on your trailer’s language makes it difficult for someone without a key to hook up the trailer.

Are trailer hitch locks universal?

This universal coupler lock fits virtually all 2-5/16″, 2-7/8″, and 1-7/8″ trailer couplers. This versatile trailer hitch lock with two keys protects unattended trailers and guards against tow-away theft.

To prevent trailer theft, choose the best coupler lock!

It is necessary to purchase a universal coupling lock, among other accessories.

What to look for when purchasing a trailer hitch lock, and what we recommend. Read our recommendations for trailer hitch locks, including why you need one, how to choose one, and what to look for when buying one. With our suggestions for trailer hitch locks, you will learn why you need a lock for your trailer, what to look for, and where to buy it.

What is the purpose of a trailer hitch lock?

What is the likelihood of trailer theft? Are you worried? Even if you stay only in gated RV parks or store your trailer in the most secure lot in your area, someone can still steal it. No matter how friendly and honest a neighbor is, they can sneak in regardless of their reputation in the world. No matter how nice and open a neighbor is, they can sneak in irrespective of their importance in the world. Anyone can hitch up to your RV and drive off.

An adjustable coupler lock is well worth the extra time and money it takes to install on your hitch.

How to choose a trailer hitch lock?

The next step is to find the right coupling hitch lock for you once you recognize you need one. If you are shopping for a lock for your travel trailer, the following information can help you narrow down your choices. If you are shopping for a lock for your travel trailer, the following information can help you narrow down your choices.


To choose the right hitch lock for your needs, you must decide what type you want. Hitch locks come in two main types, each with a different purpose. Hitch locks come in two main types, each with another objective.

Receiver locks

Trailer hitch security locks use when a trailer is hitching to a truck. They replace the pin and lock shut so that the trailer cannot unhitch with yellow U-shaped universal coupler locks that fit snugly into the trailer coupler and prevent anyone from hitching up the trailer to their vehicle when the trailer is not attached.


It is also essential to consider the size factor. The lock you buy must fit the hitch you’re using. For instance, a class II hitch requires a 12-inch receiver lock. Meanwhile, those with higher class hitches will need the ⅝-inch lock.

You’ll want to ensure the coupler lock you choose matches the coupler and ball size. Class I and II hitches use 114-inch balls, whereas more significant pitfalls use 2-inch balls.

Unique Keys

A unique key will ensure that any other key cannot open your hitch lock. The fact that many lock companies produce multiples of the same key makes it super easy for thieves to find a duplicate and open your hitch lock. If you shop with manufacturers with unique keys, it won’t be an issue.


No matter what you’re shopping for, price is a significant consideration, and hitch locks are no exception. Even though you will want a high-quality lock, there comes the point when the additional cost does not translate into better security.