Tow ball mount 3 cycle porter

Tow bar cycle rack
The tow bar bike rack is a high-quality taillight, ensures a safe distance, and is easy to assemble and unload.
Tow bar cycle rack

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Are you looking for an easy way to transport your bike? Cycle carriers mounted on towbars are becoming increasingly popular, providing cyclists an easy and convenient way to transport their bikes. This type of carrier allows cyclists to attach their bikes directly onto the Towbar of their cars, making it easy and hassle-free to take their bikes with them wherever they go. A folding cycle carrier provides an easy and secure way to carry your bike in your car or truck while taking up minimal space when not in use. Its lightweight design lets it quickly fold up and store away when not in use. If you are an avid cyclist or need to transport your bike occasionally, a folding cycle carrier is the perfect solution. Here is our tow ball bike carrier clamp-on three bikes information.

Bicycle carrier



Aluminum alloy, surface 6060 T5 treatment

Q235 iron, surface sprayed

Chuck – TPR+POM (co-bin)

Green drawstring – TPR;

Clamping Gear/Screw – ABS+Nylon


-Color: gray tube, black clip, green strap

-Max capacity: 45KGS


-Easy to assemble and disassemble

-Carries up to 3 bikes

-Easily to open the rear door

-Stable and convenient bike carrier for European standard 50mm towbar/tow ball mounting, with 13-pin socket, conforms to CE/ROHS standard

-The tail of the product is equipped with tail lights that meet the E-MARK certification standard

-The bike carrier does not require any tools to mount or dismount

-It tilts back, allowing access to the trunk without having to unload the bikes


-The wheel holders can be adjusted with soft straps to accommodate most types of bicycles

-The vertical frame folds flat for easy storage, small enough to fit in a car

What is the towbar-mounted cycle carrier?

Towbar-mounted cycle carriers are ideal for cycling enthusiasts who want to transport their bikes quickly. It securely attaches to the Towbar of a vehicle and allows you to carry up to 3 bikes at once. They are easy to install and can be on various vehicles, such as cars, vans, and SUVs. With a cycle carrier on a tow bar, cyclists can take their bikes with them wherever they go.

Several people are concerned about the safety of cycle carriers and the risk of the cycle falling off while being towed. However, all cycle carriers from Tiroflx are safe and will not fall off while pulling.

Up to three cycles can safely and securely carry on the back of your car with Towbar Mounted Cycle Carriers. As they are much stronger and more secure than carriers that strap to your car’s tailgate, any damage risk virtually eliminate.

Towbar bike racks have many advantages. Firstly, it leaves room for more cargo, such as other bikes, or, if you’re traveling, additional storage via a roof box. You can access the boot of most bike racks we stock without removing the bikes.

Aside from reducing fuel economy, carrying bikes on the roof also makes it easier to put them on and take them off; you don’t have to lift them so high. Also, we have cycle ramps if you need them to roll the cycle onto the towbar carrier.

What should I think before we buy tow ball mounting bicycle racks?

Carrying capacity

Our three bike carriers are to have a maximum load of 45kg.

Nevertheless, the combined weight of the trailer nose and cycles must not exceed the maximum tow ball nose load specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Theft prevention

The locks on Tiroflx Cycle Carriers deter vandalism and theft. The bike carriers and property should be removed from the vehicle if it will be unattended for an extended period.


With a bike carrier locking key, it is possible to lock tow ball bike racks and roof bike racks securely to the tow ball.

The arms of these bike racks are lockable and attach to the bike’s frame. Alternatively, you can upgrade their support arms to lockable handles.

Number plates and lighting board

When bikes or bike carriers obscure the vehicle’s rear lights or registration number, it is legally required to duplicate those functions at the rear.

Towball-style bike racks block/obscure the number plate, so each carrier has a lighting board to attach the number plate.

We offer tow-ball bike racks with 7-pin and 13-pin electrical plugs to accommodate 7-pin and 13-pin sockets without adapters.

Storage for bikes

Storing tow-ball bike racks outside in damp conditions is recommended for only a short period. The excellent design makes them easy to keep indoors.

Three bike carriers mounted on the rear suit cyclists who want to transport their bikes quickly. You can secure your bike to the back of your car with a towbar-mounted cycle carrier. You can be sure your bike will be safe during transit since the page is for maximum stability and safety. Towbar-mounted cycle carriers make it easy to transport your bike without any hassle.