Swimming goggles

Professonal swimming goggles
Anti-fog swim glasses the lenses are coated with durable, long-lasting anti-fog treatment when you are underwater, perfect for all water sports.
Professonal swimming goggles

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With so many swim goggles on the market today, finding the right pair for your needs can be challenging.

Swimming glasses


Color: Black/Aqua Lens

Frame Material: Silicone

Strap: environmentally friendly silicone

Lining ring: environmentally friendly silicone material

Nose bridge: PU (anti-oxidation)

Buckle material: PC

Lens: PC+UV, Anti-fog and rainproof

Head circumference strap length: 48cm

Include: 1 Pair of Swimming Goggle, one a protection case


Anti-fog & clear vision: Advanced anti-fog coating prevents the lenses from becoming steamy during use, allowing you to concentrate while swimming.

UV protection: The goggles glasses have ultraviolet light absorbers to protect you from UVA and UVB rays.

Watertight, leak-free: Soft and comfortable silicone gaskets. With these swim goggles, you can enjoy leak-free swimming every time.

A comprehensive view & comfortable fit: The swimming goggles provide swimmers with a broader field of vision. Since the inner parts are soft and flexible silicone, you won’t feel any pressure on your face or eyes.

Adjustable clasp:  Swim goggles with elastic non-slip striped strap and fixed buckle, it is easy to adjust, and the headband is more stable and does not fall off. You can swim carefree. The protective case with drainage holes effectively removes residual moisture and ventilation, eliminates odor, and protects the lens from scratches in all directions.

What are goggles?

Goggles are pieces of eyewear that cover the eyes and are in place with straps. Goggles are eyeglasses that are closely fitted and aim to protect the eye.

They come in various shapes, sizes, and purposes. From snorkeling to competitive swimming, there is a large selection of goggles.

Types of swimming goggles

You might think all swimming goggles are the same, but the opposite is true. There are several different types of goggles on the market. These are the most common ones you’ll find:

Oval-shaped goggles: These goggles come with a silicone gasket seal that efficiently keeps water out of your eyes.

Competitive-style goggles: This type offers a sleeker design and tighter grip.

Swimming masks: Since swim masks tend to be larger than your average goggles, they provide the wearer with a good range of vision, which is especially useful for children and those swimming in open bodies of water.

He was wearing goggles while swimming has many benefits.

1. Goggles offer protection from things like eye infections, irritation, and discomfort. Goggles Can Protect Your Eyes. Anytime you swim in a pool with your eyes open, you are exposing your eyes to any chemicals or contaminants in the water.

2. They are also helpful in learning how to swim. For some kids, getting water in their eyes can be a significant deterrent to putting their face in the water. And can also cause some fear of the water. In the pool, wearing goggles can encourage them to put their faces in the water.

3. Keeps Water Out of Your Eyes. Goggles help protect your eyes. They form a tight seal around your eyes to help keep water from getting into your eyes. When you’re splashing around in the pool, a bit of water in your eyes isn’t awful.

4. Prevents Dry Eyes

Pool water and seawater can dry out more than your skin. They can dry out your eyes too. Spend a day swimming without goggles, and your eyes are red, dry, itchy, and irritated.

When it comes to choosing the fitting swimming goggles for you or your child, there are a few essential factors you will need to consider:


No matter what pair you aim to get, you must try them on before purchasing them.

When fitting the goggles, ensure the seals are adequate. Most oval-shaped goggles, the most common goggle type, have a silicone gasket seal. As you try them on, you’ll notice a bit of suction. The goggles will let water in if they do not provide this suction.

On the other hand, goggles that provide too much suction are too tight and will apply too much pressure. It means you may feel discomfort when using them.

Meanwhile, it’s also essential to ensure that the goggles are not so wide that water will leak in by the corners of your eyes, so choose a pair that fits the width of your face.


Even if your goggles fit properly around your eyes and keep the water out, they may be uncomfortable around the nose. A frustrating situation like this can arise.

Some goggles will offer nosepieces that can be adjusted. Otherwise, you can always try a different pair if you are uncomfortable.


Many goggles come equipped with anti-fog coating and UV properties to protect you from foggy conditions and the sun’s UV rays. If you wear prescription glasses, you can even get prescription goggles from many manufacturers, which is helpful for those with impaired vision.

The color of the lens needs to be considered as well in your quest for the perfect optics in goggles.

You may think little about the lens and the color or believe it doesn’t matter your chosen color. However, the color of the lens you choose will provide you with different benefits:

Transparent: These are designed for low-light and darkened environments. They often provide the wearer with optimal visibility. This type is suited for indoor use.

Lilac: For indoor and outdoor use, lilac-colored lenses are suited for contrast against objects with a green or blue background.

Smoke: Suited for outdoor swimming and best used in the sun, smoke-colored lenses make to minimize light transmission.

Amber: Amber-colored lenses enhance your vision in low-light situations and reduce glare in high-light environments. They make for both indoor and outdoor use.

Blue: Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, blue-colored lenses allow moderate levels of light while protecting your eyes from glare in brighter conditions.

Mirrored: Mirrored lenses are designed to help reduce brightness and glare and are best suited for outdoor use.