Portable USB worklight

The rechargeable work light is ideal for professional users. Lithium-ion battery and charging base with charge state indicator for quick and easy power.

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The portable LED workshop light works in workshops, garages, service stations, or everyday use. Take this lamp when you go fishing, hunting, camping, or hiking; Use it in the garden when you stay out late when, and it’s getting dark; Hang it under the hood of your car for extra light when you need to repair something; This portable torch will be your best friend during power emergencies! Attach to your fridge with a magnet and be prepared for a power outage.

It has strong magnets, which are placed on the backside and the bottom, allowing you to attach the lamp to a metal surface at any angle. It also has a swivel hook.

It is convenient, practical, and valuable when we need an additional light source.


-Material: ABS Plastic

-Color: Red, Black

-Battery: Lithium rechargeable battery, 3.7V 1800mAH

-Adapter: 5V 1A AC adaptor with USB socket, 12V transfer to 5V DC plug with USB socket

-Size: 21.8*6*3.5cm

-1PC cable: length 1M

-Charging time: 3 hours

-Discharge time: 2.5-3 hours

-Lumen: 250-280LM

-Lighting mode: 50% brightness-100% full brightness-head LED light-off

-AC charging input: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz 10W

-AC charging head output: 5VDC 100mA

-With CE & ROHS

-Accessories: 1PC base + 1PC USB charging cable + 1PC single-hole -charging head + 1PC AC charging head


-Durable: The housing is made of high-quality non-slip material, which ensures resistance to demanding operating conditions and shocks.

-Versatile and easy to use: With a 3W COB AND 1W LED lamp, a 100 Lumen LED torch

-Flashlight has with premium LED light beads, high power & high brightness, non-dazzling, and comfortable for the eyes

-Features a solid magnetic base and a magnet on the back, so USB rechargeable torch can be easily onto magnetic surfaces

-Hanging hook allows you to hang your COB torches anywhere you want, leaving your hands free while working

-Thanks to its design and low weight, the lamp fits well in hand and allows comfortable use

-Portable work light can for home, work, camping, emergency kit, etc.; also a good backup tool for you to carry wherever you travel

What is a magnetic flashlight?

Flexible magnetic torches are handheld lighting units with a magnetic tail cap or a magnetic attachment point on a different light part. Their magnetic ability provides incredibly versatile lighting and makes for one of the most efficient options for hands-free light. Magnetic units offer great value when working in areas with metal surfaces and can be easily attached to the work table.

These units allow for effortless adjustment and re-positioning of light due to their magnetic bases. Magnetic flashlights will enable you to work efficiently with stable, hands-free light and can be detached swiftly in an emergency. Although magnetic flashlights are most common in automotive settings, they can benefit anyone’s daily routine. These units also shine in home repair scenarios when you need to complete a task that requires both hands, making them a great addition to everyone’s toolkit.

What to consider when buying the best COB work light?

Understanding the types of lights also helps to determine what to look for in the best work lights. When choosing from the many work lights available, consider these tips. When shoppers consider their lighting needs and desired features, they will have a good idea of what they need.

Project type

Lights are better suited to certain types of projects than others. A work light should choose based on the type of large project you are undertaking or standard work-lighting requirements. A self-stand work light is best for large projects with wide-open spaces.

It is best to have a small, portable work light for technicians, those who work in attics or basements, and mechanics.

The working environment

There is no doubt that work conditions play a role. In addition to weather, there are other factors to consider. The elements can destroy a work light that quickly penetrates when working outside, so a waterproof and dust-resistant work light is essential.

In addition to the weather, the job site might determine the best work light. The light will need power from a built-in battery or a generator for projects without electricity. Battery-powered stand-style work lights exist, but only smaller handheld work lights are typically rechargeable.


You can’t work around a handheld light that’s too bright or a self-stand light that’s too dim. Every slight mishandling of bright handheld light can temporarily blind users.

Lumens are the unit of measurement for LED bulbs. Handheld work lights should have 250 and 600 lumens, with 500 being the sweet spot. Handheld work lights can be to fit most situations.

The power system

A work light’s type may depend on the kind of power available. Electricity might still need to be available on a construction site, but power is readily available in a workshop. Using a battery-operated work light on a job site without electricity makes sense.

When plenty of power is available in a workshop, it is inconvenient to swap out batteries. To improve lighting and workflow, choose a corded work light.

Are you looking for a portable USB work light that can provide you with the perfect lighting solution for your workspace? Look no further! We have the ideal product to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how this multi-function cob-led work light can help you do the job!