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Trailer jockey wheel
A swivel trailer jack is indispensable for conveniently coupling and uncoupling your trailer.
Trailer jockey wheel

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Jockey wheel


-Material: carbon steel+PP


-Size: outer tube diameter: 48mm, inner tube: 42mm diameter

-Surface treatment: zinc-plated finish

-It features a 200*50mm rubber wheel with a steel ring core and a plastic trip


-Support wheels with wheel brakes for unbraked boat trailers, etc.

-Provides extra trailer support and stability when hitched or unhitched, constructed for standard duty applications.

-Ergonomically designed knob to give an easy and firm grip even with wet or greasy gloves.

What is the Trailer Jockey Wheel?

A jockey wheel is an essential component of a trailer or caravan that provides stability and maneuverability. It is a small wheel attached to the front or rear of the trailer’s frame, typically near the hitch. The primary purpose of a jockey wheel is to support the trailer’s weight when it is not connected to a vehicle, allowing for easy movement and positioning.

The trailer jack wheel comprises several components, including a metal tube, handle, clamp, and rotation. The metal tube is attached to the trailer frame and houses a retractable mechanism for height adjustment. The trailer jack handle provides leverage to raise or lower the jockey wheel as needed.

The benefits of a jockey wheel cannot overstate when it comes to towing and maneuvering trailers, caravans, and other heavy loads. This essential piece of equipment provides numerous advantages that make towing a breeze and ensure the safety and convenience of the user.

1. One of the critical benefits of a jockey wheel is its ability to distribute weight evenly across the trailer or caravan. Additional support at the front end helps to balance the load and prevent any unnecessary strain on the towing vehicle. It not only enhances stability but also improves fuel efficiency during transportation.

2. The jockey wheels also contribute to overall safety by preventing trailers from tipping over when unhitched from a vehicle. They provide added security by stabilizing the trailer while loading or unloading cargo.

3. Another significant advantage is a jockey wheel’s ease of maneuverability. Its swivel function and smooth-rolling capabilities allow for effortless turning and positioning trailers in tight spaces or challenging terrain. Whether you need to navigate through narrow driveways or negotiate sharp corners, a jockey wheel makes the task much more manageable.

4. Furthermore, a jockey wheel provides added convenience when hitching and unhitching your trailer or caravan. Taking some weight off your vehicle’s coupling point reduces strain on your back and eliminates the need for excessive physical exertion during these processes. In particular, it may benefit people with limited mobility or strength.

5. Lastly, investing in a high-quality jockey wheel can contribute to prolonging the lifespan of your trailer or caravan. Reducing stress on its chassis and frame helps prevent structural damage caused by excessive weight or improper handling. It reduces repair costs in the long run and ensures that your investment remains in top condition for years.

In conclusion, incorporating a jockey wheel into your towing setup brings numerous benefits that enhance safety, ease of use, maneuverability, and overall efficiency. Whether you are an avid traveler or need to transport heavy loads occasionally, this indispensable tool will make your towing experience smoother and more enjoyable.

When choosing a Jockey Wheel For Caravan, there are a few essential factors to consider:

(1) Type

Towing types and your personal preferences will determine your type of jack.

-A-frame jacks, the most common, mostly mount directly to the trailer’s tongue.

-Swivel jacks attach to a bracket on the trailer’s frame and can be rotated out of the way when not in use.

-Electric jacks are powered by motors and are operated using a push button.

(2) Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the Heavy-Duty Caravan Jockey Wheel should be able to support the weight of your caravan. You should check the specifications of the jockey wheel to ensure that it can handle the weight of your fleet.

(3) Wheel size

The wheel size of the jockey wheel should be appropriate for the terrain where it will use. A giant wheel recommends to prevent it from sinking if you use it on soft ground, such as sand or grass.

(4) Swivel or fixed

A swivel jockey wheel recommends allowing easy maneuverability, especially when parking or hitching the caravan.

(5) Bracket size

The bracket size of the Best Jockey Wheel For Camper Trailer should fit the size and shape of the A-frame on your caravan. Measure the A-frame to ensure the jockey wheel you choose works appropriately.

(6) Pricing

Lastly, it would help if you determined how much money you would spend on your trailer’s wheel. Depending on the type you want, ensure you compare the cost before making the right purchasing decision. But ensure you buy quality and durable wheels at a reasonable price.

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