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Jacks are used when the tires of the vehicle are changed and the chassis of the vehicle is initially checked.
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Although they are the most common automotive jacks, using them correctly and cautiously is still essential.

To begin with, let’s take a quick look at what scissor jacks are and how they work.

Scissor Jack


Color: Black

Material: Steel

Minimum height 104MM

Maximum height 390MM

Lifting working height: 250-380mm

Product size: 415*90*104mm

Lifting: 1.5T

Accessories: with a folding wrench

Package included:

Scissor jack x 1

Handle x 1


-Portable and easy to use

-Built for extra lifting

-With the scissor jack, you can easily and quickly adjust the height of your vehicles.

-The solid base plate also ensures a secure footing, is corrosion-resistant, has Strong metal construction made of steel, withstands high pressure

-Ratchet handle Saving Strength and Stable Design

-Easy to operate with a chromed crank handle with the package.

-Compact design, easy to carry, easy to store

-Ideal tire repair or changing tools for auto small and medium cars vehicles.

Notes before use:

1. Before each use, check for abnormal conditions such as cracked welds, leaks, damaged, loose or missing parts.

2. Any jack that appears to have been subjected to an abnormal load or shock should be inspected immediately.

3. The jack should remove from service if it is damaged.

How to use the car jacks?

1. Insert the jack handle into the handle socket’s hole.

2. Position the saddle correctly. Do not move the portable scissor jack while the handle is intact in the socket to prevent damage to the tire jack.

3. To raise the load, hold the front part of the handle with one hand and turn the handle clockwise with the other hand.

4. One hand holds the front part of the handle, and the other hand turns the rear part of the handle counterclockwise slowly to lower the load.

How to maintain a car lifter?

1. the lifting arm should be entirely down when the jack is unused.

2. Always keep the jack clean and the screw and bearings well lubricated.

3. Store the handle with care.

What is a scissor jack for a car?

A scissor jack uses to lift a car for maintenance and repair. A tire changer can help you change tires, inspect brakes, and perform other tasks on your vehicle, which is why it is an essential tool for any car owner. The scissor jack lifts the car off the ground with interlocking arms connected to a crank handle. You can easily steal your car to access different parts for maintenance and repair. You can easily lift your car to access other parts for maintenance and repair.

Why use a scissor jack?

In addition to being lightweight, scissor jacks can be when you want a portable jack that is easier to transport. Besides being easy to use, they are cheaper than floor jacks and can lift 1.5 tons with only a crank and a little elbow grease.

How much weight can a scissor jack support?

The scissor jack can adjust Your vehicle’s height easily and quickly. The load capacity is 1.5T (1500kg/3307lbs).

Which car jack, should I use?

You can use scissor jacks or floor jacks on your car at home, depending on the type of jack. While they both do the same thing, they’re slightly different, so it’s best to think about how to use them to decide which one you want.

Here are two car jacks we should take a closer look at.

Floor Jacks:

Floor jacks are the most widely used car jack and give you stability with heavy loads. They usually have four wheels so you can move them and a long handle that lets the operator pump the hydraulic lift to get the car off the ground.

Floor jacks are helpful if you regularly work on your car in a home garage and are also great for lifting cars onto jack stands. Choose a jack that can lift the weight of your vehicle.

Scissor Jacks:

Scissor jacks are small and portable, so they’re better if you want something to carry in your boot for roadside repairs. Some car manufacturers supply a scissor jack with a spare wheel so you might have one.

Most scissor jacks are built for specific car makes or models and must be on particular lifting points, which can find in the owner’s manual.

Unlike floor jacks which use a hydraulic pump, scissor jacks use a simple screw mechanism to provide the lifting power. It is what makes them so small, lightweight, and portable.

Choosing a jack depends on what kind of maintenance and repairs you usually perform.

Scissor Jack is a top product of lifting and jacking solutions for the automotive industry. Among our products are scissor jacks and custom solutions. For your project, we have engineers who can assist you. Let us assist you with your lifting and jacking needs by contacting us today.