Luminous car ashtray

Luminous car ashtray
Multi-function car ash tray ideal for indoor and outdoor use, easy to clean, removable lid. Suitable for drinks holder in your car. Glow in the dark.
Luminous car ashtray

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A car ashtray, often used as a travel ashtray, was once an integral part of your interior. There was one in every car. Today, however, fewer and fewer cars have one. If a car comes equipped with one, it is an option when it is purchased new. When you’re driving, do you regularly smoke a cigarette? Being the neat person you are, you want an excellent place to dispose of the ashes, right? Are you the one who throws out the cigarette butt from your car? Portable car ashtrays are a perfect option. Your vehicle will stay clean on the inside. You don’t have to vacuum it every week, and you don’t pollute the environment.

Cigarette cup ashtray


Material: PP


Color: The ashtray body is black, and the top is neon green


-Made from durable hard plastic, the lid comes off easily for emptying and cleaning.

-Nonflammable and safe to use.

-Glow in the dark rim, easy to find the ashtray.

-Easy top cover removable

-The cup ashtray fits most auto cup holders. It can accommodate fixed or pop-out car cup holders in your front or back seat.

-Multiple uses for autos, trucks, homes, or offices. Since these are portable and compact, you can even take them to the beach.

-Ash buckets can also be used as a car garbage can. Use one for garbage, gum, paper, or scrap and one for cigarettes.

What is the car ashtray?

The car ashtray is an essential accessory for any vehicle. It is a convenient receptacle for cigarette ashes and other small items that may dispose of while on the go. Not only does it help keep your car’s interior clean, but it also helps reduce the risk of fire hazards caused by improperly discarded cigarettes. In addition, car ashtrays are can in many styles, sizes, and materials to suit different needs and preferences.

It is often difficult for smokers to find a convenient place to enjoy a quick puff without offending others. It’s usually their cars that end up in this designated space.

How do you make your car smoke-friendly? Get an ashtray for your car! We help you to choose the perfect one.

Do I need an ashtray for my car?

The car ashtray is an excellent option for smokers. Your car is a safe place to smoke and dispose of ash. You can also use them to get rid of odors after you smoke.

What kind of car ashtrays are there?

Car ashtrays come in all kinds of styles. Here are some of the most popular ashtrays.

The smokeless ashtray

It is the most popular type of car ashtray. Smoke doesn’t get released into the air when you use this ashtray.

Smoke surrounds the ashtray filter with motorized carbon filters. It’s perfect if you want to avoid the smell of smoke lingering.

Car ashtray for cigars

This type of ashtray is usually more significant to accommodate the larger size of a cigar. The ashtray features the same designs as a traditional ashtray but with bigger slots.

Car ashtray with LEDs

This ashtray is easy to use anytime, featuring a blue LED light when the lid lift. LED car ashtrays are electronic devices, as their name implies. Depending on the design, they can have different power sources.

What’s the best ashtray for my car?

Add a touch of style to your car’s interior with the proper car ashtray. When choosing your car ashtray, what should you look for?

The material

Most car ashtrays are fireproof. The three primary materials used in car ashtrays are stainless steel, plastic, and aluminum. Choose an ashtray made from nonflammable materials that won’t hurt you or your car.

The size

Most car ashtrays fit in your cup holder. Check the ashtray size before buying one, as some have more extensive bases and jostle around.

The maintenance

Your ashtray will always have to be empty, so choose one that’s easy to clean.

Choose an ashtray with an easy-to-open lid and an easy-to-dispose design. If the cover is hard to open, you can spill ash all over yourself or your car.

Accessory extras

Some ashtrays come with extra accessories to make puffing and cleaning easier.

Car ashtrays can also use as containers for small trash in other areas of your life.

Do any cars still have ashtrays?

Fewer and fewer auto manufacturers now include car ashtrays as a standard feature, leaving cigarette smokers needing an ashtray. While fewer people currently smoke, the lack of an ashtray leaves many drivers and passengers needing a safe place to dispose of ash.

The luminous car ashtray is a new product designed to make it easier and more convenient for drivers. Illuminates the contents of the ashtray, making it easier to see in low light conditions. Contact us to learn more about these products.