JAGER M2 Foldable electric scooter

Jager electric scooter
One-handed carrying makes JAGER M2 foldable electric scooter for adults easy to use. The electric scooter adult can be folded in just three seconds for easy storage.
Jager electric scooter
JAGER M2 Foldable electric scooter

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In recent years, the use of electric scooters has increased in popularity. The increase in popularity is due to the benefits that they provide. Electric scooters are environmentally friendly and provide a more sustainable mode of transportation. They also offer a cheaper alternative to owning a car.

JAGER M2 Foldable electric scooter

Rated power: 500W

Efficiency value: About 90%

Certificate: CE, ROHS,ABE

Bearing: 100KG

Speed: 35km/h

Gradient: ≤30°

Rated voltage: 48V

Capacity: 13s6P 15.6AH

Range: max ≈68km

Unfolding size: 1190x1090x520mm

Folding size: 1190x520x520mm

Why do more people green commute with an Electric Scooter?

Many people have been commuting with an electric scooters. It started as a way to reduce their carbon footprint, but they save some minutes each day and have more fun, too.

Here’s why I switched up my commute and decided to buy an electric scooter.

Any of those could have been a reasonable choice for many people, and personal preference counts. Among the reasons electric scooters appealed:

Portability & Storage: Most electric scooters fold; some are small and lightweight enough to bring on a train or bus. You keep yours indoors at home and under your desk at the office.

Power: You were intrigued by the ability to climb hills and travel miles without a sweat.

Safety & Stability: While e-skateboards and unicycles also look fun, a scooter’s learning curve would be shorter. The handlebar and optional suspension would keep you safer and stabler on hills and patchy terrain.

Fun — the primary considerations were functional and pretty fun.

The benefits of riding electric scooters to your health rarely mention, even though they are a time-saving, money-saving, and environmentally friendly last-mile transportation option. An electric scooter is relatively static compared to a bike or electric bicycle. However, riding an electric scooter has surprising health benefits. A healthy cardiovascular system will improve digestion, standing posture, and leg strength.

When you ride an electric scooter, how many calories do you burn?

Standing on an electric scooter will burn a lot of calories.

Is it possible to lose weight on an electric scooter?

It is possible to lose some weight. Riding the electric scooter alone for 30 minutes five times a week can burn approximately 750 calories. Even though walking and cycling burn more calories, electric scooter riding is still low-impact.

Do electric scooters provide good exercise?

You can increase your core strength by riding an electric scooter. You don’t just keep your balance with your hands when you ride an electric scooter. Your electric scooter can be driven and hung using your entire body, especially your core. During riding, your muscles are constantly tightening and relaxing, making them stronger since they continually deal with movement. Specifically, these muscles find in your arms, shoulders, thighs, and legs. Electric scooters will not have the same effect as exercise, but they are a subtle way to strengthen muscles.

Balance can improve by riding an electric scooter.

Balance is required when riding an electric scooter. You are riding a two-wheeler, after all. Also, standing or riding is difficult because there must be more foot space on the deck.

Balance is essential for riding an electric scooter correctly and safely. Maintaining a good posture and remaining vigilant are necessary for riding an electric scooter safely. The fact that an electric scooter can help children develop a good sense of balance makes it an excellent activity for them.

Good posture can promote by riding an electric scooter.

Maintaining good posture is crucial to maintaining balance on an electric scooter. As a result, turning and moving will be more accessible, and driving will be less stressful. Moreover, incorrect riding posture can lead to injury if you fall or collide, so it’s best to exercise steadily.

Riders on electric scooters can maintain a better posture. Standing upright may become second nature to you before you know it. Doing this can prevent bad posture, hunchbacks, and joint pain in the long run.

Physical coordination can improve by riding an electric scooter.

Riding an electric scooter is as simple as standing up and turning the handle. If you ever try to ride an electric scooter, you’ll need all your attention and body parts to do so safely and efficiently. It takes a lot of concentration to maintain balance on an electric scooter, turn when necessary, accelerate, and decelerate. To avoid accidents or collisions, you need perfect coordination between your hands, eyes, body, and mind. For this reason, riding an electric scooter can improve physical coordination.

Do electric scooters make sense?

It is an excellent investment to buy an electric scooter. Generally speaking, riding an electric scooter may not significantly increase muscle mass or lose weight, but it can help you live a more active lifestyle. In the end, it is better to engage in low-impact sports or activities than to do no exercise at all!

Additionally, riding an electric scooter is a great way to explore the city and commute without sweating. It is also beneficial for your mental health to be free of congested traffic and to enjoy the scenery along the way.