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Car Bike Carrier
The rear-mounted car bike rack has a soft rubber pad, effectively protecting your car and bike from any scratches and impacts.
Car Bike Carrier

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A bike car rack is a great tool for traveling for vacations and cycles. It is capable of carrying 1-3 bicycles at a time. An adjustable positioning arm keeps the bikes safe and stable, and its flexibility allows it to fit most vehicles.

Space-saving & easy-to-install the innovative design is space-saving & modern. You can fold the bike rack after use for easy storage. A lightweight and manageable construction with rubber absorbers protects the car’s paint. Due to its lightweight and durable steel construction, it will be vital in any weather condition.

Now a perfect travel accessory, you can take your bike wherever you want.

The folding bike rack’s specifications

Max Capacity: 45kg

Material: Q195 IRON, Durable & lightweight steel

Weight: 5.75kgs

Color: Black & red

Universal design

Three-cycle carriers universally design to fit most vehicles (except 4x4s with rear-mounted tires).



Easy fitting

This adjustable cycle carrier features a lightweight, and manageable construction yet remains robust and secure. The page’s easy-to-fit design means that it can be done and removed quickly and easily.

Up to 3 cycles

It can transport up to 3 racing/mountain/touring bicycles.

Space saving

It is easy to fold the three-bicycle carrier flat when not in use to save space and to store it when removed from the vehicle.


The handy foam rings protect the vehicle and cycles from withstanding any scratches or damages.

Ideal for traveling.

Ideal for cycling trips and adventures, keeping your bike secure and the inside of your car clean while providing plenty of room for passengers.

Approx Weight – 5.75KG

Will it fit my car?

The automotive bicycle rack is suitable for hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and estate cars and can hold three bicycles. To attach the metal strap hooks of the frame to the boot, it must have robust metal edges on the top, base, and sides. It is forbidden to mount hooks on glass or plastic edges. Almost all cars can have the rack adjusted to fit their angles.

Will it fit my bike?

Rubber fasteners on bicycle racks for cars can pivot to match the angle of the frame’s tubing. Adult and larger kids’ bikes with a front and rear triangle frame design will fit. Bike frames without a top tube (such as step-thru style bikes) will not work. Please note the vehicle bicycle racks not design to fit small kids’ bikes, tandems, tricycles, recumbents, or other unconventional bike types.

As a mode of transportation, bicycles are becoming more and more popular. However, some people have difficulty fitting their bikes in their cars or finding parking. That’s why bike carriers are so valuable and essential.

Bicycle carriers come in many different types, but they all have additional features that make them better for specific needs or preferences. Some bike carriers are easier to install than others, some can carry three bikes at once, and some are great for transporting children and adult bikes.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for bike carriers because there is no one type of person who uses a bicycle carrier every day.

Buying a bike rack: factors to consider

Although bringing a bike with you on an outdoor excursion can be fun, you can’t pack it in the trunk. Otherwise, you’ll have less or no room for other essentials. Your car bike rack will be the difference between smooth transportation and a moving experience that disappoints you with scratches and paint peels.

1. The number of bikes you wish to transport

Stacking a bike on a rack that cannot handle the “pressure” is very important. Stacking a bike on a shelf that cannot control the “pressure” is very important. 1? 2? 3? Maybe even more?

All car bike racks come with varying numbers of cradles, and each is to carry only one bike at a time, regardless of the model. Choose a frame that can take the number of cycles you intend to transport.

Its maximum weight is as significant as the number of bikes a rack can hold. If you want to carry a lot of bikes, you shouldn’t ignore this factor.

2. Which kind of car do you drive

Many car owners still struggle to figure out which rack is best for their car and end up with a bike rack that is not suitable for their vehicle. If you want to choose a model ideal for your vehicle, you should understand that your car’s model will significantly influence your choice.

3. Your budget

In addition to all other factors, make sure you know how much you can afford because that determines the type of bicycle rack with the belt you can purchase.

4. Security

You may wonder if bike racks have anti-theft features if you value security as much as cycling. Some do, and some don’t. Some have locking systems that prevent thieves from stealing your item, so you know it will always be safe.

5. Fuel economy

Regarding your best bike rack option, you should rethink your fuel budget. Bike racks can increase fuel costs by up to 30% because they disrupt a vehicle’s aerodynamics. Because rear bike carriers are out of the way of air, they don’t consume a lot of fuel.