Electric impact wrench

Electric impact wrench
Corded impact wrenches provide constant power. You get more power and torque. You can work efficiently and precisely with this torque.
Electric impact wrench

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An impact wrench is a tool that every garage and workshop needs. With its help, we can easily unscrew the wheels of motor vehicles and many other constituent parts and components connected to each other using screws or nuts.

The screwdriver is a modern device characterized by high strength, quality, and reliability. With durable materials for the body of the device, such as plastic and aluminum, and an ergonomic design, the device is safe and versatile.

Efficiency when removing bolts provides high torque. The handle makes of non-slip material. The set includes heads with increased impact strength sizes of 17, 19, 21, and 22 mm.

The whole set is in a strong case for easy transportation and storage of the entire group.


RATED VOLTAGE: 230-240 V~, 50 HZ







Impact wrench kit includes:


4 SOCKET: 17, 19, 21, 22 mm


What is an impact wrench?

The electric impact wrench does a great job of tightening and loosening bolts, lug nuts, and rusted fasteners. They deliver a high torque output with minimal effort compared to regular drills and provide a very high rotational torque. Compared to standard drills, they have a high torque output with minimal effort and provide a very high rotational. There are many uses for electric impact wrenches, from home projects to car repairs to other tasks. In some cases, choosing the right tool can be essential to completing the job.

You can use impact wrenches for various tasks at home or work. They are instrumental if you work in the home improvement industry. With their strength and torque, they allow you to tighten and loosen screws, nuts, and bolts with a minimum amount of effort. It is why all homeowners should own one.

Impact wrenches come in two types: corded and cordless. Which one should you choose?

Corded impact wrenches require a wall socket or power outlet, which may limit their use or practicality.

Alternatively, cordless impact wrenches powered by batteries last a while. The strength of the battery may also affect its performance and power.

The power supply

Lithium-ion batteries or li-ion battery packs power all cordless impact wrenches. It allows the twist to run for a long time without sacrificing strength.

Because these batteries are lightweight, you won’t feel tired from using them for extended periods.

You won’t have to worry about corded impact wrenches stopping mid-job when you connect the plug to the socket.

Transport and storage

Since cordless impact wrenches take up less space, they are easy to store in cabinets, shelves, drawers, or tool bags. Additionally, cordless impact wrenches are easy to carry when performing on-site work. Cordless impact wrenches come with batteries, but the batteries can be detachable for easy storage and transport.

Corded impact wrenches take up more space than cordless ones. Keep a corded impact wrench with a detachable wire safely inside your toolbox.

Achieving results

A cordless impact wrench will never have the same power as a corded impact wrench since they run on Li-ion batteries.

Whether it succeeds in loosening or tightening the nut will take more time.

On the other hand, corded impact wrenches provide you with constant power. It gives them greater torque and power, allowing them to work more efficiently.

A comfortable experience

Both corded and cordless impact wrenches can perform the same tasks. However, cordless impact wrenches come with batteries, which can make them heavier.

Compared to cordless impact wrenches, corded impact wrenches aren’t as heavy and can operate with both hands.

As a result, corded and cordless impact wrenches provide similar comfort levels.

The cost

The prices of corded and cordless impact wrenches differ significantly, even though they are essentially the same.

The price of corded power tools is estimated to be lower than that of cordless power tools cordless ones.

Although cordless impact wrenches are more expensive, they have features that help you get the job done faster.

Should I use a corded or cordless impact wrench?

When choosing your impact wrench, please consider the applications you will use.

Unless you plan on using the impact wrench outside more than once or twice a year, you can get by with a corded impact wrench.

However, a cordless impact wrench recommends if you use it outside the house and take it with you to jobs.

Since cordless impact wrenches don’t require a power supply or wall socket, they can use in any way.

If you’re working in tight spaces without electricity, you’ll want to invest in a cordless impact wrench. They won’t have the same power output as corded impact wrenches.

You never know when you might need an impact wrench. It is an essential tool to have around the house.