COB work light with magnet

COB work light with magnet
Good-quality ABS handheld battery work light with an ergonomic non-slip grip. With a long lifespan, it dissipates heat effectively.
COB work light with magnet

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The COB work light with a magnet can mount on any metal surface. It has an interest on the back that allows you to mount it on any metal surface. This COB work light comes with an adjustable head and a magnetic base, which makes it easy to attach and detach the light.

The magnetic COB flashlight is a portable, low-power consumption, and green energy-saving product. It can provide enough light to do some simple tasks in the dark.

Here are our multifunction rechargeable COB LED work light’s details.




Light bulb-1*COB light strip

Power supply-Built-in rechargeable battery

Charging mode-Micro USB Charging


Super design – Loosen the base nut. You can adjust the working light lighting angle. Turn the switch. The LED works. The light intensity gets stronger and stronger.

Convenient – It is of a small weight, which is easy and convenient to bring with you when you do outdoor activities.

Premium material – It has high quality, durable, stable, and practical material.

USB rechargeable – Equipped with Built-in battery with universal USB charging cable for easy charge and daily use.

Magnetic base and swivel hook – The bottom are with a strong magnet that can adsorb, which can be on most of the iron. It is also a magnetic led work light that can easily attach to metal surfaces. The swivel hook & magnet base makes your hands free, and the body of the work light can be adjustable to provide multi-angle illumination.

Environmentally – This rechargeable COB LED work light is cheaper than a traditional flashlight. It is convenient only to purchase batteries for a few months. Rechargeable led work lights are also environmentally friendly because they reduce the need for disposable batteries.

Broad application – COB LED work light is the handiest tool for home emergency lighting, car repair, camping, hiking, and so on, one light to meet all your demands. High brightness led, making everything visible, no longer worrying about the night. A steerable base with a hook is more practical for all kinds of complex situations.

Package Include:

1 x COB LED work light

1 x Micro USB cable

COB lights: what are they?

Continuous light sources are COB lights. You can place this LED light anywhere, illuminating the subject for hours. You can mount it on a light pole or hold it in the studio or on the go. As long as you maintain the setup, COB lights allow you to adjust their intensity and direction.

The COB light is a panel of LED chips packed very closely together. Due to their compact design, there is no space between the LED chips. As a result, Portable COB Flashlight produces a uniform and very bright beam of light. To soften the morning, you can dim it and use accessories.

COB magnet and LED work light are two different types of lighting. The magnet-based COB work lights are more powerful and cover a wider area than the LED ones.

COB magnetic work light:

COB magnet work lights have a lot of benefits over LEDs, such as being lightweight, easy to install, brighter illumination, and broader coverage. COBs produce a diffused beam softer on the eyes than LEDs, which have a harsher beam. The diffused beam also means it’s easier to see what you’re working on while using the COBs. The COB magnet work light is a new invention developed in recent years. It is a magnetic base with a powerful COB LED light.

LED work light:

LEDs are cheaper because they require less energy to run but provide less illumination and coverage than COBs. The LED work light is the traditional type of work light that we are used to seeing in our homes or workplaces. It is also known as an incandescent lamp, producing a lot of heat when it switches. The advantage of this work light is that it has more natural-looking illumination than the COB USB inspection Light, but it can be hazardous if you get too close to the bulb because they are hot enough to burn your skin.

As you can see from the introduction above, these two types of work lights differ significantly – their weight, installation process, and heat production – making their use different.

A magnetic flashlight is a new product with many advantages.

1. Many benefits, including being durable and easy to install.

2. This light can use in many places, such as workshops and garages.

3. It also has an adjustable angle to direct the light in the desired direction.

4. Great for people who need to work outside at night or in dark areas because they are bright and have a wide beam angle.

5. Small stripe LED light that has a magnet on the back. It’s perfect for those working in dark areas, like under sinks or attic.

6. It can be an emergency flashlight, a reading lamp, or a camping light. The magnet makes it easy to stick to metal surfaces, so you can use it hands-free.