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Wheel parking lock
The security tire clamp securely wraps around your wheel and prevents theft attempts, towing, or any messing with the vehicle.
Wheel parking lock

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Here is our universal heavy-duty wheel clamp’s information for your reading.

Shrink minimum size: 52X23X6cm

Enlarge maximum size: 52X36.5X6cm

Material: copper lock cylinder, stainless steel lock sleeve. The wheel lock has high-strength steel, which is wear-resistant and not easily deformed. A soft PVC coating protects the tire’s surface from being worn away whenever the safety and the tire come into contact.

Included: 1 x heavy-duty wheel clamp lock,2 x keys each

Vehicle Compatibility: Universal

Finish: Red&black powder coated

High Safety – When the universal wheel lock heavy-duty security trailer wheel lock uses this fixture, the wheels cannot turn, which means your vehicle cannot move. A super simple way is to protect the car. It is also the perfect caravan wheel clamp to ensure your vacation planning is safe and carried out as planned.

Optimal Visibility – The combination of bright red allows the wheel clamp lock to have the best visibility during the day or night, allowing you to distinguish your vehicle quickly. The wheel lock dramatically reduces the possibility of being caught by a thief and effectively protects your automobile.

Easy to lock – Adjust to the appropriate hole position according to the width of different tires. Press the lock cylinder to close without a key!

Adjustable – This car wheel lock has locking points to achieve the best and most secure connection that can adjust according to your needs.

Anti-saw, anti-damp – the tire clamp is made of high-quality iron and offers the strongest, most durable, and most durable tire clamp. The handle is soft coated, so it is comfortable to carry. Most importantly, the clamp has a PVC coating so that it does not scratch or damage the rims.

Strong and stable – Since the construction of the wheel clamp is exceptionally durable, it not only prevents the theft of your vehicle but also it’s rolling away if you have parked it on a raise and forgot to put on the handbrake.

Wide Application –  The antitheft locking devices are for heavy-duty vehicle wheel clamps for vehicle trailers, automobiles, SUVs, and RVs. It also applies to many other types, such as vans, caravans, campers, lawnmowers, etc.

If you want to protect your new car, consider taking extra precautions. Antitheft locks are often one of the solutions drivers choose.

What are clamps on a car?

Wheel locks prevent motor vehicles from moving, also known as wheel boots or parking boots. It commonly consists of a clamp that surrounds a vehicle wheel to avoid both its and the wheel’s removal.

What is a Wheel Lock Key?

Designed lug nuts with theft-deterring sockets are wheel locks. Wheel clamp locks function like lug nuts but are only removable with a lock key.

How do you replace a wheel lock key if you lose it?

A dealer or manufacturer can replace your key if you have the code. Usually, you can order a replacement key online by knowing your wheel lock’s brand, make, and model. If you wish to remove your wheel lock, you will need to hire a professional.

Inexperienced professionals may damage a wheel when removing a wheel lock without a key. Therefore, you should take your vehicle to a reputable mechanic for service.

Is it necessary to lock your wheels?

There are a few situations where wheel locks might be beneficial, including:

1. When there is a high tire, wheel, or rim theft rate in your area.

2. When concerned about rim theft, especially if your rims are custom, expensive, or specialty.

3. For extended periods, you should lock your car if you plan to leave it outside and unprotected in an area with little foot traffic.

Most drivers are safe without wheel locks, but if you choose to install them, ensure you always have your key.

What are the benefits of wheel locks?

It is worthwhile to purchase wheel locks. Various wheel lug locks are available and can effectively prevent your wheels from being stolen.

In addition to keeping your wheels and tires more secure, wheel locks are also convenient. Although wheel locks can pry off, it is complicated for most thieves to carry the special keys in their pockets.

What should you look for in a wheel clamp?

Suitable for your vehicle: There are a wide variety of wheel and tire sizes available today. We recommend that you read the product description pages for each of our wheel clamps to make sure your intended application is compatible. Measuring the area covered by the wheel nuts may also be necessary. Wheel clamps for trailers and motorhomes follow the same rules.

Construction quality: Make sure the materials and construction methods are of good quality.

Ease of use: You may pick a quick and easy-to-install anti-scratch locking device for your vehicle if you plan to put a car in a store or outside for some time.

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