12V Travel coffee mug

Travel auto mug
Stainless steel car heating cup plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car to keep your drink warm.
Travel auto mug

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How can you keep your drinks hot when you’re on the go? A 12V electric heating mug is an ideal solution for any lifestyle. With its powerful heating element, this portable travel car heating cup can keep your favorite hot beverages warm and ready to drink. Travelers and home users will appreciate its safety features and ease of use.

Travel mug


Material: SS201 outer and PP inner

Color: Silver

Capacity: 16OZ/450ML

Rim of diamater:8.5CM

Cup bottom caliber:6.5CM


Voltage: DC12V, Current: 1.8A, Power: 22W

Wire length: 1.25 meters (including cigarette lighter)


-Easy grip and no slip

-Safety anti-skid base, suitable for use on the car.

-The product has a temperature control device that can maintain a constant temperature of 65°C

-Fit most vehicle cup holders

-No leak and easy open twist top

-With lid, dustproof, safe to use

-Easy and convenient to use

-Stainless steel cup body, good heat insulation effect, and high durability

-Suitable for home, office, travel, and car

Plugging this cup directly into your vehicle’s power outlet lets you keep your beverage hot for hours on long trips, or reheat cooled drinks quickly and easily.


-When not in use, unplug the device

-Do not use when the line is damaged

-Do not soak the bottom of the pot in the water when cleaning.

-Avoid using this product on a violent bumpy road surface to avoid burns.

-This cup can’t boil the water, keep it warm, and can’t heat the drink to boiling

What is a car-heated mug?

A car-heated mug is a device that allows you to keep your drinks hot while you are on the go. With a heating element and insulation, you can keep your beverage at the perfect temperature wherever you are. The mug is easy to use and can plug into any vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket for a convenient power supply. With its simple design, you don’t have to worry about it getting cold.

Keeping your coffee or tea hot while you are on the go is now easier than ever with the 12V car heating mug. A must-have for any road trip, this mug offers many benefits thanks to its innovative design and advanced technology. 12V car heating mugs have the following three significant advantages:

1.Convenience: Its easy-to-use design lets you quickly heat your drinks without carrying bulky equipment around or worrying about finding an outlet.The device plugs directly into the car’s cigarette lighter port and heats up quickly, so you don’t have to wait for your beverage to warm.

2. Safety: The 12V car heating mug has safety in mind. The mug bottom features an insulated design that prevents spills and burns, ensuring you can enjoy your hot beverage without any worries.

3. Cost-effectiveness: Avoiding costly repairs and replacements keeps drinks warm for extended periods.

No more stone-cold coffee. These heated coffee mugs use the 12-volt power from your car to keep your coffee at a deliciously hot drinking temperature for the duration of your trip.

Consider certain factors when choosing the right car travel electric mug. A few of these are:


To prevent slipping, ensure the bottom is padded or has feet to prevent slipping. Select a material that is sturdy enough to last a long time.


Consider the size of the car travel mug according to your requirements. Stainless steel mugs are portable and compact enough to carry around.


If you wish to keep your drink warm, you can use a travel mug. Mugs should also be easy to clean. Electric heating mugs are the ultimate convenience for anyone looking to have a hot beverage on the go.


Choose a heating cup that consumes less power and maintains your drink’s temperature for an extended period. Keeping your glass at a specific temperature is essential.


A few coffee cup warmer models include features like auto shut off, adjustable heat settings, or LCDs. The ones with cooling technology can be for both hot and cold drinks. Although they are more expensive than basic models, they serve the same purpose.


Plan a budget for buying the best tea coffee warmer cup, considering factors like power consumption, the material used, and durability.

However, with a 12V car heating cup, you can stay warm while on the go and make your journey more comfortable. This device keeps your beverages and food hot for hours without using energy sources other than your car’s battery power. Travelers will find it easy to install and use. Your coffee or tea will always be hot, no matter how cold it gets outside.