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Custom manufacturing OEM/ODM project

Step #1: Inquiry

You inquire, show us a drawing, or similar items. We will ask many questions
and suggest the best materials for the product from the top sheet metal,
die casting, and plastic factories in China.

Step #2: Design

  • We design the product, taking care of the engineering drawing and product specifications. According to the design specifications we:

  • We Select the right factory in China for your product among the 350 top-quality factories that work with us.

  • Negotiate the best quality, delivery, and price for your product.

Step #3: Prototyping and Production:

  • Prototyping: We build the prototypes for your final approvals & the product mold.

  • Production: Compliant with European Standards and the strictest quality controls & lab tests. May include packaging/packing and artwork design.

  • Packing and/or assembly in our inline warehouse.

  • Prepare goods for shipping.

  • Prepare goods for shipping. You’ll get the product.

  • Our shipping department will help you sort out the best shipping option to your destination.

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