Top Car Seat Cushions 2024

Top Car Seat Cushions of 2024

Ultimate Comfort for Every Drive Welcome to Tiroflx Ningbo Trade, where manufacturing meets innovation in car seat car seat cushions, design, and comfort Whether you’re a daily commuter, long-distance driver, or someone who experiences discomfort while driving, finding the right car seat cushion is essential for maintaining posture, enhancing comfort, and preventing back pain. In […]

Ship China to USA

China to USA

Ship China to the USA Introduction: Your Reliable Shipping Partner from China to the USA Tiroflx Ningbo Trade offers comprehensive, trustworthy manufacturing and exporting services from China to the USA in today’s complex global trade environment. As a result, we streamline your shipping process efficiently, ensuring that we meet your business needs precisely. Comprehensive Range […]

The Complete Guide for Choosing the Best Wheel Clamps for your car


Car clamps are an essential tool for any car owner. If you’re parking your vehicle long-term or are a caravan or trailer user, consider a wheel clamp to beef up the security of your vehicle. This comprehensive Tiroflx guide will discuss the various good-quality wheel clamps available today, their uses, how to install them properly, […]

Benefits of electric bike ?

In recent years, we have seen a trend where electric bikes have become the most popular means of transportation. But what brings so many people to prefer this means of transport over other means of transportation? Not just in almost every home, you will find at least one pair of electric bikes, and in some […]

Tiroflx Electric Bikes Manufacturing

Electric Bikes is Pushing the Limits of What’s Possible in Traditional Bike Manufacturing. Tiroflx is proud to announce that we have started manufacturing and exporting high-quality, Cost-Effective electric bikes! We are honored to present you with our newest High-Quality, Cost-Effective, best-selling electric bikes! Our electric bike Brands, the Jager™ Scorpion™ and Alpha®, are the manufacturer’s […]

Item and artworks design

Get the packing that makes your product stand out to customers. With Tiroflx you do not need to hassle hiring a third party to design your brand graphics. You have it right in our office. Whether you need packaging design, including graphics, or artwork. Our graphic studio of best-in-class talented designers provides the following services: […]

Difference Between a Trading Company and a Manufacturer?

Trading companies don’t directly manufacture products but connect buyers with the right manufacturers. The main advantage of working with a trading company is that they can choose the best option among an array of manufacturers.Working directly with a manufacturer can be useful if you have the expertise and the market knowledge to choose the best […]

What is BSCI?

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a leading supply chain management system. It supports companies with the goal to drive social compliance and improvements within the factories and farms in their global supply chains.

What is a trading company in China?

Trading companies don’t manufacture or retail products. Instead, they source from selected factories according to the requirements of their clients. They connect buyers with the right manufacturers for the products. At Tiroflx, we select and work with over 1500 factories carefully selected by their processes and quality.Trading companies have the advantage that they can offer […]

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